Spruce up your work surroundings

Spruce up your work surroundings to beat the winter woes. What better time to lift your team’s spirits by sprucing up their working environment and boost their mental wellbeing? 


Workplaces should be thoroughly cleaned, and in addition, cleaning should be taking place more regularly. We understand that cosmetic changes may add a bit of strain to budgets, however, spending a bit of money on improving the general atmosphere of the working environment is an excellent investment as it results in a general uplifting of spirits and a general productivity boost.


Spruce up your Work Surroundings with Affordable changes 


Keep in mind that this exercise does not need to break the bank. There are many things you can do to improve the workplace look and feel that doesn’t cost a fortune.


Adding some office plants, for example, does wonders – at a relatively low cost. Plants are a very effective way to add a design element to any space and they also contribute to a healthier environment by reducing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen levels. 


There are other cost-effective ways to improve your surroundings. Fixing any broken fittings, changing blown light bulbs, updating artwork, replacing signage that is either out of date or faded. There are also seasonal tasks as mentioned in our previous blog.


Some really basic changes include taking a look at the things we usually look past because they are always there, like notice boards. Take a good look and see what is no longer relevant. Remove all redundant or outdated notices and rearrange the board to look neat and fresh. This change will make people ‘notice’ the board again.


Other measures to boost mental well-being in the office


If you have an outdoor space, have you done what you can to make it attractive and welcoming? Giving people a pleasant outdoor environment to escape to for 5 or 10 minutes helps reduce stress. It provides a platform for colleagues to network and interact in an informal space and can boost creativity when feeling ‘stuck’.


You may also want to look into improving your security to make staff feel safer in the workplace. There are so many new and innovative security systems available and you may be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective many of these solutions are. 


Just be nice


None of the changes to the office environment work quite as well as encouraging a supportive and friendly atmosphere within the organisation, no matter how big or small. Try not to focus on your stress. Be nice to your colleagues and reap the rewards of a greener, calmer, and friendlier environment.


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