We offer CCTV camera monitoring from our state-of-the-art control rooms.

Off-site Monitoring (OSM)

FSG offers commercial security solutions for businesses across South Africa.

Businesses must deal with crime daily, and security and safety risks are ever-changing. Organizations must provide clients and staff with a secure environment, and this makes preventative, dynamic security solutions a priority.

There is an increasing rate of innovation in the Security industry’s technologies, which includes monitoring services. Off-site monitoring is just one more way to protect your property that can deter criminal activity before it even happens.

We'll Keep Our Eyes On Your Business

CCTV offers clients alarm trigger-based off-site monitoring. The CCTV system transmits live video to our off-site state-of-the-art control room when an event occurs, and the team monitoring responds immediately.

Once an event occurs, the live video will be automatically flagged to the CCTV off-site monitoring control room, where operators verify and implement it according to the predetermined protocol. An event can be anything from motion on the cameras, beams being triggered on the perimeter, thermal or infrared passives triggered, or analytics on the cameras themselves.

Protocols range from contacting linked armed response, SAPS, and the site manager to switching the client’s premises lights on. The possibilities are endless.

Effective Off-site Security Monitoring Services

From the latest security technology to 24/7 availability, you can count on FSG’s security. Security monitoring is essential to standard security measures businesses may have in place already. It allows the use of technology to stay ahead of criminal elements and secures your company and colleagues at all times in the most cost-effective way.

Our commercial security solution offers you the following:

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Safety and security of your business and staff is an investment for your company’s growth and well-being. If you want eyes on your business 24/7, contact our team at FSG for a free site evaluation and an obligation-free quotation.