From water features to winding walkways and seating areas – design, installation and maintenance; we do it all!

Improve your premises with hardscaping

Hardscaping adds a degree of outdoor architecture to your residential or commercial property.

At FSG, we have experience in every aspect of the hardscaping process, from the conception of the project through to implementation and final touches.

Why hardscaping?

Something as simple as a pathway can transform a property into a design that looks intended and eye-catching. Hardscaping is also the perfect go-to for pristine premises with very little maintenance.

Most hardscaped garden features exist beautifully without weeding, pest control, watering, or rigorous cleaning. Hardscaped features are our favourite; they’re super aesthetic in the garden and contribute to improved property value.


At FSG, we work closely with our clients to create a practical and beautiful solution to their indoor and outdoor needs, which includes decking.

We commonly use wood for decking, which gets sealed and appropriately treated. Apart from an annual sanding and reseal, it won’t need much attention.

Another alternative for decking is Composite, made from a mixture of recycled wood and plastic, so you’re reusing and recycling, and it’s super resilient and virtually maintenance-free.


Create a seamless flow from the indoors to the outside with a patio. We install patios using various surfaces, from stone, brick, tiles, and outdoor carpeting, to artificial turf. Choosing the suitable surface ties into the look, you’re going for – smooth and polished or rustic and earthy.

Paving & Pathways

Whether you’re looking for a winding walkway leading nowhere, or functional paving and walkways, we design, install, and repair paving and walkways.

Separated loose stone pathways are particularly artistic. We also love patterned pavers, bricks, and edged cobblestones with gravel. You can get creative with sliced wooden stumps that are sealed and set in concrete.

Structural hardscaping:
Gazebos for Aesthetics

Gazebos can add to the aesthetic appeal of the structures on your property. They’re weatherproof and easy to work with, and the more common wooden structures are beautiful, and thatch is also popular (but – can be high maintenance).

The artistry of building a gazebo lies in its design. Trellis walls allow you to grow fruit-bearing or flowering vines. Slats strategically placed will block out the sun and add a modern but practical look to your property.

Hardscaping and Softscaping

We Do It All

Our award-winning team at FSG will take care of all your hardscaping and landscaping needs, from bud to bloom, from concept to design, and from installation to ongoing maintenance. Contact us for a free consultation today!