We’ll look after your staff & visitor parking, shade ports and carports, whether you need installation, repairs, or maintenance.

Staff & Visitors' Parking, Shadeports, and Carports

Staying on top of your commercial properties’ upkeep and maintenance needs is a full-time responsibility. As a Facility Services Group, we offer an extensive solution-based portfolio for commercial property owners to make their life a little easier with time and money saved.

Protect the vehicles parked on your commercial property from the Sun’s UV rays and hail.

Our highly proficient team is ready, able, and equipped to tackle your employee and visitor parking, shade ports, and carports.

Shade ports

Shaded ports are practical and appealing, providing shady parking spaces for visitors and employees. Shade ports will last a couple of years, but the outside elements take their toll on them.

From time to time, commercial property owners will need to look at repairs and maintenance:


An alternative to shade netting, a carport provides a structure to protect vehicles using different types of material. Carports can be a free-standing structures or attached to a wall. They look great, are durable, allow for more ventilation (than an enclosed garage), and are effective in protecting the vehicles parked on your commercial property.

Another option to consider is Solar PV Carports, where you can start producing clean energy with solar PV carports from your commercial property. Solar panels installed above carports generate electricity from the sun, while the carports shield the parked vehicles from the elements

Staff & Visitors Parking

Parking areas often need some maintenance and repairs. Freshly lined parking spots make your business stand out. You may need some repaving on potholes or other significant defects. The arrows and instructions painted on the road surface may also need to be re-applied. 

We’re ready to save you time and money