We facilitate the entire tree felling process.

Tree Felling & Maintenance

Tree Felling specialists and landscape architects, FSG has been in business for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on being small enough to care but big enough to get the job done properly. Our teams of highly trained and supervised garden experts ensure that any requirements you have are handled perfectly from start to finish.

Tree Felling Stump

Why choose FSG for your tree felling needs?

Our landscaping division can work on a one-off project basis, or a contractual basis. We have a flexible workforce and can cover smaller, one-team jobs and large-scale site management projects.

  • A highly skilled & experienced team

  • Peace of mind

    - we are fully insured for tree felling and boast an exemplary damage and safety record
    - we stay current, with a comprehensive safety file that meets all required health and safety requirements

  • Expert pruning and shaping of trees retaining the natural integral shape and canopy of the tree

  • Habitat rehabilitation which includes invasive alien tree removal, invasive alien plant removal and the introduction of high quality indigenous and endemic species to help improve environmental balance and diversity

  • The most suitable remedial action for commercial & residential properties suffering from structural damage

With a wealth of industry experience, here at FSG, our specialist team is fully equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to ensure every project is completed safely and efficiently. From stump removal and tree felling to maintenance and surveys, we can facilitate the entire process, making sure that all work adheres to the relevant guidelines.

We have worked with businesses, schools, estates, medical centres, recreational facilities, housing developments, construction companies, letting agents, and commercial property associations. We have a reputation of being a facilities management company you can trust.

The award-winning FSG team ensures time and money saved with customised landscaping service offerings. 

Why is it necessary to fell trees?

Tree felling is the action of cutting down a tree to prevent the spread of disease and improve safety or the aesthetics in the area. If not carried out correctly, tree felling can be very dangerous. Tree felling must be carried out by a specialist who will plan the task meticulously, taking into account any potential hazards and risks involved.

Why do trees need to be felled?

  • Safety

    Dead, diseased, or dying trees can pose a major threat to the environment, as the large quantities of deadwood and the damage to the stability of the tree can create serious safety hazards, particularly during strong winds. If not contained, the disease can spread to other types of trees which can see an entire species descend into extinction. As such, the help of a professional must be sought immediately to ensure the most appropriate action is taken.

  • Unsuitable for location

    Aside from safety, trees might be unsuitable for the location they are in, whether this is due to subsidence issues or if an insurance company recommends felling to reduce the risk of subsidence. Subsidence and structural damage can sometimes be connected to the growth of tree roots which can impact a building’s foundations and drainage, particularly if an unsuitable species of tree has been planted too close to a building.

  • Visual considerations

    Whilst the main reason for tree felling is predominantly for safety purposes, in some cases, trees are cut down for aesthetic reasons or due to lack of light.

FSG’s tree felling services

We recognise that commercial clients have very short deadlines and need an immediate response. If you’re interested in finding out more information, get in touch with one of our experts who will ensure all your tree felling and landscaping requirements are met.

We have a clear understanding of all aspects of tree work and take pride in delivering award-winning services.. We are experienced problem-solvers and will ensure that all jobs big or small run smoothly and safely from start to finish. Contact us today!

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