FSG provides the highest levels of commercial pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control Services

At FSG, we specialise in commercial pest control services. Our multiple pest control solutions will keep your commercial properties pest-free.

We provide different types of fumigation treatments as well as residual disinfection and protection services to keep your commercial properties pest-free. When it comes to pest control, we have you covered, and we: 

  • Offer free site inspections

  • Send you an obligation free quotation

  • Take care of the problem, discreetly

  • Offer on-going maintenance solutions

  • Have monthly rentals solutions

pest control rentals
Pest Control in the Workplace

Did you know that pest control can protect your business long before a problem starts?

Pests can cause a variety of issues for your business. They can ruin the reputation of your business, and can deter customers from even considering you. Pests can cause destruction to your property – they destroy facilities and equipment and can even damage inventory. They can spread diseases and impact your work’s image and morale. It also plays a negative effect on the well-being of your staff.

Some pests, such as those that damage wood, can even destroy the very structure of the building! Which in turn can affect your business’s bottom line.

Workplace safety and cleanliness are critical components to business success.

The single most important reason for pest control is to reduce the threat they pose to your people and property. Having professionals determine your risks and maintenance needs is just as important before, during, or after an infestation is detected.

Consideration should be looking at both a short- and long-term perspective. Consider the impact and risks that ineffective pest control could have on your business environment. Factor the cost of investing your time and the productivity of your employees into the equation. Protect your workforce and customers against the number of health risks that pests pose.

If pests are detected, the chances are good that an infestation is already establishing itself. Property decision-makers will need to act quickly to bring any pest problem under control.

It makes better business sense to retain professional pest management experts from the word get-go. Once matters have been brought under control by the experts, regular maintenance can be carried out on the area, which will ensure continued protection.

Why choose FSG for your commercial pest control?

  • Reputation

    In a world where information spreads from the palms of our hands, one of the most pressing dangers posed to your business by pest infestations is damage to your reputation.
    If you thought bad news travelled fast before, imagine how fast it can travel now. Someone who spots a pest may not only never return, but can quickly complain online. They may even report you to the local authorities. The damage this could cause to your organisation’s status could be long-lasting and challenging to restore.
    Commercial pest control can ensure that your reputation remains intact – preventing the damage by creating a barrier around your business that catches and eliminates pests before they make themselves at home.

  • Government Inspections

    It’s par for the course and must be adhered to.
    Many food processing facilities operate 24 hours a day, making it difficult to ensure that proper pest management and sanitation measures are being implemented 100% of the time. As such, regular sanitation inspections with a licensed pest control company can ensure that your business remains compliant.
    If your business is subject to regular inspections, compiling an Integrated Pest Management Plan (IMP) will ensure that teams are well-prepared for audits and inspections. The last thing any business needs is a red flag from government health inspectors because of poor pest management practices.

  • Quality Control

    Pests are a constant threat to quality control. They can damage goods and make premises unsuitable for occupation. No matter what your business is, quality control is vital to your success.
    While there is no certain way to avoid pest infestations in your business, proactive and regular business inspections and maintenance are a good way to make sure you’re staying on top of the problem, rather than having to deal with a complicated and costly infestation later.

At FSG, we specialise in commercial pest control services, there’s no set-up fee, and we offer obligation free inspections and quotes as well as monthly rentals.

Keep your commercial property free from pests 365 days a year with our assured pest control services from the inside out! Want to read more about why it is better to hire a professional than to do it yourself when it comes to pest control?
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