We offer specialised commercial cleaning services across multiple industries on a contracted or ad-hoc basis

Commercial Cleaning Services

At FSG, we offer specialised commercial cleaning services across multiple industries on a contracted or ad-hoc basis.

We take pride in offering commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning, retail cleaning, food manufacturing cleaning, pre and post-occupational cleaning, and more.

You can trust that your business is in trusted hands to keep your property hygienically clean.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Our cleaning staff are skilled with onsite supervision and management. With a broad offering of commercial cleaning services, you only need to make one call for cleaning your business may need, so you can call us to assist!

While cleaning your surroundings, we also take care of employees’ safety. We train and have regular check-ins with our cleaning teams to troubleshoot any obstacles or challenges they may face in their day-to-day responsibilities.

With years of experience, you can expect expert cleaning staff, trained and well-equipped, to complete the job. At FSG, we focus on commercial cleaning so that you can focus on your core business.

Customised Commercial Cleaning Solutions

No business is the same, and we realise that every commercial property has different cleaning requirements. Some companies may require commercial office cleaning by the hour daily, while others may need a quick cleaning each morning. We treat your business like our own and customise a commercial cleaning solution tailored to your needs.

We Keep It Clean

You can’t let cleanliness fall out the window when things get busy!

Your office is where you and your staff spend a lot of time, and business meetings with potential customers occur. The state of your office says a lot about how your business is running. Commercial cleaning services are there to impress clients and employees and keep the space they will find themselves in hygienically safe.

With a focus on various types of commercial cleaning services and a nationwide presence, you can call on FSG to help keep your business clean