We know how important choice is to our commercial customers, which includes hygiene equipment rentals as an option.

Hygiene Equipment Rentals

At FSG, we know how important choice is to our commercial customers, which includes hygiene equipment rentals as an option.

With a wide range of commercial hygiene equipment to select from, it comes down to budget and preference, and you also have the option to look at purchasing or rental options.

Rent Your Commercial Hygiene Equipment

It may be the smallest room, but a bathroom is the most important room in a building, and it’s often the first or last place a customer visits, so you want to leave a lasting impression. So if you’re not looking to purchase hygiene equipment, you should consider renting.

We offer tailored hygiene equipment solutions, but typically our commercial customers look at 12- to 24 months rentals solutions with monthly servicing and refilling dispensers.

Our dedicated cleaning & hygiene teams will deliver, install, and maintain your commercial hygiene equipment and consumables, so you never run out!

It's An Investment, Not An Expense

Keeping your business clean is important for many reasons. Cleanliness encourages good hygiene practices, which in turn reduces sickness and absenteeism. Cleanliness also increases productivity because staff are more likely to be present and on task when the environment is fresh and welcoming.

But the most important reason to keep your office clean and tidy? It’s good for business! The more you invest in office hygiene, the more it pays off in terms of increased productivity, lower absenteeism rates and better customer satisfaction.

We can help you get started with various commercial hygiene equipment rentals (or purchases). Good hygiene equipment will improve the look of your workplace and protect staff members from germs by preventing them from gathering and spreading throughout the office space.

Quality Hygiene Equipment Rental Options With FSG

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional hygiene services, whether you want to purchase or rent your hygiene equipment.  

Our staff is well-trained and equipped to service, maintain and replace broken hygiene equipment. 

We give complete monthly reports and all our clients a 12-month service schedule in advance. So, as a client, you can know precisely when we are coming to do service and to replace the hygiene refills monthly.

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