Building Maintenance – How to Prepare for the Season Ahead

As the leaves start their glorious displays of deep reds, burnt orange and other shades of autumn there are a couple of things we can do to prepare for the season ahead.

A well-maintained commercial property has regular care and cleaning, but seasonal changes prompt us to pay closer attention to certain tasks and slightly adjust how we do other regular tasks.

The earlier dusk and later dawn periods afford us the best opportunity to enjoy the colourful displays, but as we approach winter, the leaves start to fall to the ground in a not so beautiful display that needs to be constantly raked and disposed of or re-used as mulch.

This is an important time to increase the regularity of gutter checks and cleaning.  With leaves falling constantly, gutters are easily blocked, and this can cause expensive water damage if not properly maintained.

If exterior painting is required, now is a great time to start planning as temperatures are moderate and the likelihood of rain is reduced in certain parts of the country. For the same reasons, it is a good time to consider any paving requirements.  You’ll find some more information about our hardscaping services here. 

Building maintenance and commercial garden maintenance play an important part in keeping your premises pest-free. Damages to the building’s exterior can invite insects – cracks and holes should be filled and repaired. Maintaining your landscaping is also an important part of pest control. All shrubbery should be neatly trimmed year-round, as these are the places bugs can breed and build nests.

Depending on where you live in South Africa, you’ll either be approaching a rainy season, or a dry and dusty season.  While rain water will not make clean windows dirty, it will make dirty windows dirtier.  We think that Autumn is a good time to get those windows sparkling clean.

Indoors, it’s time for another deep clean to clear the air of the summer pollen residue and to give another lift to the general atmosphere around the office.

While we do our best to consistently look out for any necessary repairs, autumn becomes one of those reminders to be extra vigilant, looking for any cracks or other repairs that might need attention. It’s a great time to pay attention to blinds and give a little bit of extra time to cleaning these.

Office plants require less water during the cooler months, but leaves may require additional cleaning in the dustier regions.

In short, we enjoy the changing seasons as it provides a time to review our building, garden and commercial pest control maintenance plans and schedules.  We hope that you can make time to slow down a little and enjoy the changing of the seasons and all the beauty that autumn brings.

We enjoyed this handy article about autumn in the garden and thought you might too.



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