Hardscaping – The shortcut to breathtaking and low-maintenance premises

Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to get the property ready for visitors. This is unofficially the season for premises improvement. Hardscaping is one of our favourite topics to discuss – partly because it’s interesting, but mostly because we’re REALLY good at it.

The truth about hardscaping

Why hardscaping? Well, we’re old hands in this business and we’ve seen something as simple as a pathway transform a property into a design that looks deliberate and eye-catching.

And, there are so many reasons to love hardscaping; namely, it’s a lazy person’s perfect go-to for pristine premises with little to no maintenance. Yup, that’s right.

Most hardscaped garden features just exist, beautifully, without weeding, pest control, watering, or rigorous cleaning.

These hardscaped features are our favourite – they’re super aesthetic in the garden and contribute to improved property value.

Decking for multi-level hardscaping

Decking is commonly made from wood, and yes, we hear you, this can be challenging to maintain. That said, if your deck is undercover and your wood is sealed and treated properly, it won’t need much attention, apart from perhaps an annual sanding and reseal. Sound like a mission? Try an alternative instead…

Composite is made from a mixture of recycled wood and plastic, so you’re reusing and recycling. Composite is commonly used in public areas, like beaches and at nature reserves, it’s super resilient and virtually maintenance-free.

Patios for a seamless flow from indoors to outside

One thing to love about hardscaping in the form of a patio is the variety of choices you have available. Stone, brick, tiles, outdoor carpeting, artificial turf, or even rubber all make great patio surfaces.

Choosing the right surface ties into the look you’re going for – smooth and polished or rustic and earthy? Maybe homely or super chic? Patios are an extension of your home, so try to extend the same look you have indoors, outdoors.

Pathways for the illusion of larger and more interesting gardens

They don’t have to lead anywhere, they just need to look like they do. Winding walkways can help to add depth to a property, creating the illusion that there is so much garden, you need a clear path to find your way.

Separated loose stone pathways are particularly artistic. We also love patterned pavers, bricks, and edged cobblestones with gravel. You can get super creative with sliced wooden stumps that are sealed and set in concrete.

Structural hardscaping: Gazebos for aesthetics

Gazebos can add to the aesthetic appeal of the structures on your property. Canvas gazebos can be gorgeous, mimicking the setup of a 5-star luxury tented resort. They’re weatherproof and easy to work with. The more common wooden structures are beautiful, and thatch is also popular (but – it’s high maintenance).

The artistry to building a gazebo lies in its design. Domed roofs are super trendy, as is the use of geometry. Trellis walls give you the opportunity to grow fruit bearing or flowering vines. Slats strategically placed will block out the sun and add a modern but practical look to your property.

Walls for privacy and depth

Garden walls can create privacy, buffer noise, and create depth and shape in the garden. When we say ‘walls’, we’re not talking about boring stacks of bricks concreted together. We’re talking about living boundaries, wooden trellises and retainers with succulents growing out of them.

Hard walls can also have unique finishes; for example, pebbles, flakes, exposed aggregate, or wood panelling. Regardless of the purpose, a wall has the potential to add texture and a sense of design to your property.

Hardscaping – a shortcut to eye-catching premises

Hardscaping adds a degree of outdoor architecture to your property. It helps to print out a plan of your property and use that to sketch out the way you want your property designed. Once you have established that, the muscle comes in. FSG is experienced in every aspect of this process, from the conception of the project through to its implementation and final touches. Tell us what your big ideas are, let’s work together and make it happen.


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