Bring the outdoors inside
with office plants

Office Plants

Give your commercial property a fresh new look with office plants! Create an office environment that is pleasant and welcoming for employees and guests. With a wide variety of feature pots and office plants, we will recommend the best options for you. Whether you want to purchase your indoor plants or look at rental options – we have a tailored solution to fit your working space and budget.

Benefits of Office Plants

Studies have found that indoor plants can contribute to a 15% increase in employees’ productivity. The introduction of air-purifying plants, like spekboom, aids in detoxifying the air in the office. There are many beautiful office plants to choose from to purify (and beautify) your workspace. Adding indoor plants will boost employee productivity and their well-being. Plants in the working environment are about more than just aesthetics. Interior plants also provide benefits to health, well-being, and productivity, by:

  • Increasing productivity

  • Reducing absenteeism

  • Improving the quality of the air we breathe

  • Boosting employee morale

  • Lowering stress levels

  • Reducing noise levels

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Office Plant Maintenance

Indoor plants need watering, at least a bit of fertilizer now and then, enough sunlight, and at least moderate temperature to survive. Potted plants can get under-or-over-watered if not maintained, making them look unsightly. At FSG, our plant specialists will ensure your office plants are aesthetically pleasing. We also offer interior plant maintenance services to ensure your plants are well maintained year-round.

Office Plant Specialists

Our team of specialists will work closely with you to find you the right selection of plants to suit your business environment and budget. We’ll assist with the design, installation and maintenance of interior plants for all types of business environments. 

Whatever your budget may be, our tailor-made options will give you the freedom to create the perfect decor for your commercial space.

Contact FSG’s Office Plant Specialists and add some greenery to your working environment today!

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