What Do Facilities Management Companies do?

Facility management companies combine various fields to enhance the functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of buildings and spaces, combining efforts across people, places, processes, and technology.

While that description might seem lofty, does it clarify what facilities management companies do? Let’s dive a little deeper for a clearer understanding.

Consider a family home

If you consider a typical family home, you may think of a building consisting of a number or functional rooms, a garden and perhaps a garage to house garden equipment and cars.  Of course, not all homes are like this as some people live in apartments and others may live on acres of farmland, but for purposes of this example we’ll use the scenario above.

Owning a home is something most people aspire to but comes with responsibilities and challenges.  Kitchens and bathrooms need daily cleaning, carpets need to be vacuumed regularly, floors and windows need cleaning, and from time to time, the home will require painting and repairs.

First impressions count

Those lucky enough to have a garden understand that first impressions count and therefore the garden must be well kept.  While gardens typically need more work in summer than in winter, it needs ongoing attention.

From time to time, bigger outdoor activities might be required, like adding a water feature, paving an area or creating a dedicated area for relaxing, eating or entertaining outdoors.

Projects, contractors, and security

Over time, bigger projects may need to be taken on, like retiling the roof, building on an additional room, or remodelling an outdated bathroom or kitchen.

Anyone who has owned a home understands how difficult it can be to manage the day-to-day upkeep of a home, not to mention the bigger jobs that require project planning and finding the right experts at the right time to take on the job.

Just in case you thought we have forgotten most homes will require some sort of protection or security to keep criminals at bay – yet another area of responsibility.

Many households employ helpers to manage homes and gardens and in South Africa, most households have some form of security as well as a contract with a security company for regular monitoring and panic call outs.

Now scale it up a little

Commercial spaces are no different, the upkeep and maintenance are just on a larger scale.

Every commercial building needs cleaning, maintenance, upgrades, and security.  And just like a home, it is vital to keep the office hygienic and free of pests and germs.

While some companies may employ and manage their own cleaning and maintenance staff, others prefer not to take on this overhead and elect to subcontract or outsource these requirements.

And that’s where facilities management companies come in – we look after cleaning, hygiene, pest control, landscaping, security, and all of your indoor office solutions including building maintenance and maintaining your office plants.  We can help your business with some or all of your requirements and even offer real-time reporting so that you can keep tabs on progress.

Reclaim some free time today

Just think about how much time you will save by appointing someone else to manage the tedious and often mundane, yet necessary chores associated with commercial property ownership.

Contact us today to see how we can help you manage your commercial space.


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