Landscape Installation at Eagle Canyon Estate

One of FSG’s projects included a combination of our landscaping and site clearing service at Eagle Canyon Golf Estate. Our client’s newly completed home required a full landscape design, incorporating both custom hard and soft landscaping, with installation, as well as site clearing.

We designed a custom garden to suit our client’s brief and needs and undertook the complete installation process with a highly skilled team. The once-off landscaping installation incorporated custom designed features, which included a stone cladding for feature retainer walls and the swimming pool wall, custom-made pergola and steel trellis, and retaining garden beds. We delivered beautiful garden mix soil, planted large screening trees, garden beds and large pots (which we also supplied), and installed an artificial lawn. All the soil medium, compost, and organic mulch were imported by FSG. The complete installation also included the laying of paving and the felling and pruning of the existing overgrown trees. 

The challenges

All projects come with their own unique challenges and this installation was not without its fair share. One of the most prominent difficulties this site presented was the restriction of space. Lack of available space meant deliveries of large amounts of soil were out of the question, resulting in smaller loads needing to be delivered more frequently. There were also several contractors on site at the same time, all trying to reach the same deadline. The crowded space required patience, teamwork, and the occasional fix-up where other contractors work interfered with the garden. To resolved the neighbours screening concerns we brought in large evergreen trees to create privacy between the properties. While the trees had to be as big as possible, they needed to be a manageable size for the FSG garden technicians to carry them up a staircase to the planting area. The layout of the site provided no access for a tree crane. We also faced a problem with our original, special design, cladding for the retaining walls and swimming pool wall, as the shipment order was delayed. Instead, we had to source a similar stone cladding which would still be loved by our client.

landscape installation

The finished result

The finished look is a beautiful, modern garden suiting the client’s needs perfectly. The custom steel trellis complements the bold structural features of the house, with green hedges and artificial lawns to soften the grey colour palette. The stone cladding, despite the challenges we faced, came out perfectly and ended up being a favourite with our client. Another of the custom features, a large fourteen-meter pergola, is a highlight of the garden, providing invaluable screening over the swimming pool. We supplied educational delight for the client’s two young daughters with a fully planted herb and vegetable garden on the side of the house.

The client benefited a complete service offering from FSG with this once-off landscape installation service. The custom garden is one they can enjoy and grow with for years to come. Contact us to discover more about our award-winning Landscaping services.


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