A beautiful space
is a happy one


Office maintenance can be costly if neglected. Putting off building maintenance, painting, a leaky tap, or that much needed deep clean can pose multiple risks for any company.

Ideally you want to work in an office environment that is safe, clean, and beautifully maintained. Your staff feel more productive and motivated and your guests will feel welcomed. More often than not, it’s the small things that are overlooked but when added up not maintaining your work environment could cost you in the long run.

We’ll take care of your commercial properties’ needs

At FSG, we offer office solutions, including indoor plants, and property and building that will ensure that your commercial property and office provides an enjoyable working environment for guests and employees.

  • Interior office plants

    – Purchase and rental options

  • Indoor plant maintenance

  • Repairing of roads & walkways

  • Painting & waterproofing

  • White-boxing

  • Coffee Machines

    – Purchase and rental options

  • Water coolers & branded water bottles

  • HVAC (air conditioning) installation & maintenance

Why should your business use our general property and building maintenance services?

  • We're always one step ahead

    Keeping your business maintained is essential to avoiding costly bills and call-out fees at the end of the day. A flooded toilet is never an ideal situation, but further than that, it impacts your entire operations workflow and may cause more loss than just repairing the blockage. Poor office maintenance can also lead to employees health risks. Prevention is better than cure and costs far less.

  • It's office maintenance vs DIY

    It’s crucial to understand that efforts on a DIY fix, as tempting as they might be, are not always the wise choice. A DIY fix, especially when you don't know what you're dealing with, is often short-lived and may not even work properly, resulting in time loss, unnecessary stress and additional costs. It’s a far better idea to invest in a qualified specialist who will handle all the office maintenance and needs you may have.

  • The safety of your staff and guests

    Ensuring peace of mind for your employees and visitors is paramount in today’s world. A security breach could spell disaster for your company and the people who frequent your premises. The assets within an organisation are costly and store confidential information. Rather be prepared upfront, making sure you utilise the services of a good security company that looks after the repairs and maintenance of technical equipment. Office security to protect your staff is the responsibility of every business owner, and that’s why regular maintenance with security at the forefront is an investment rather than a cost.

  • We keep pests under control

    Nature is all around us, and creepy crawlies will still make their way into office parks and commercial buildings. Cockroach and rat infestations can happen at a sudden rate, so if you are not continually maintaining and safeguarding that your work zones are pest-free, it could spiral out of control, quickly. The need for large scale fumigation resulting in productive loss will be eliminated as well as other health and safety concerns if pest control and building maintenance is being carried out on your property.

  • Watercoolers and coffee machines rentals

    Freshwater coolers and steaming hot java should always be available for staff and guests alike. It’s better to have someone to oversee the water coolers and coffee stations for you instead of trying to manage them yourself. With our options to rent coolers and coffee machines, you have the peace of mind that should they not function at any given time, you’ll be given a replacement unit.

We bring the outdoors, indoor

A UK study found that plants contribute to a 15% increase in employees’ productivity. The introduction of air-purifying plants – like spekboom aids in detoxifying the office as well as improve the physical and mental health of employees. There are many gorgeous indoor plant varieties to choose from for purifying (and beautifying) your indoor space to boost employee productivity and well-being. You might want to read more about the benefits of indoor plants, and recommended interior plants, here:

Breathe Cleaner Air with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants: 3 Subtle ways to drastically improve your productivity

Indoor plants need watering, at least a bit of fertilizer every once in a while, enough sunlight and at least moderate temperature to survive. Office plants can get over-watered if not maintained, making them look unsightly. At FSG, we’ll ensure your office plants are aesthetically pleasing and well looked after with our interior plant maintenance services.

We keep your office furniture functional and up to date

Having furniture that functions well is fundamental for general office maintenance. Sound advice would be to carry regular inspections of chairs and desks. Damaged, broken or old furniture can cause employees to be frustrated and uncomfortable with disrupts workflow, not to mention cause physical problems. It can also look untidy and be a reflection of your business to outside visitors. Having us to look after and maintain your furniture is a great idea to keep discomfort and embarrassment limited.

At FSG, we have a consolidated maintenance solution for you and your commercial property.

When it comes maintenance of your property, we look after it all, offering you a one-stop-shop solution, which saves you the hassle of sourcing and paying numerous suppliers. If you would like to investigate options for your business’ office maintenance, or if you want to add indoor plants in your workplace, give us a call.

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