Keeping your business and premises clean, is our business, and we assist any industry to achieve compliance.

Cleaning, Hygiene
& Pest Control

If you weigh up the time and investment resources required in managing your own cleaning, hygiene, or pest control, you might find that contracting your cleaning services, or using once off specialised services as needed, can be a far more efficient way of managing this aspect of your business. Don’t wait, get chatting to the team at FSG and let us help you with your cleaning, hygiene, and pest control needs.

A clean and sanitised space has many benefits:

The corporate environment is part of your brand and should therefore be kept in pristine condition. Not only does the state of your premises translate as part of your brand personality, but it also shows professionalism and respect to your employees and customers.

  • Shows that you care about your environment and your business.

  • Shows that you respect your employees and your customers.

  • Ensures productivity through improved overall health of staff.

  • Creates a safer workplace.

  • Promotes better focus and productivity.

We are neat freaks.

Our cleaning teams take pride in their work and remain motivated by how important this function is within your organization. Our designated cleaning staff have clearly defined printed tasks that they can mark off. Like any other department in the company, each member of our cleaning team is equipped with the necessary tools to do the job expertly and effectively.

While cleaning your environment, we also take care of employees’ safety. We train and have regular check-ins with our cleaning crews and troubleshoot any obstacles or challenges they may be facing in their day-to-day responsibilities.

There is more to dirt than meets the eye.

Bacteria and germs cannot be seen but need to be eliminated as regularly as possible so as not to present health hazards.

In times like these, commercial office cleaning is a necessity and, fogging, fumigation and other deep cleaning methods are essential to the safety and well-being of guest and staff. All employers have a responsibility to maintain a clean environment and to ensure every person feels safe coming into your premises. There is a variety of cleaning, hygiene, and disinfecting services available through FSG to ensure your business environment is safe, clean and hygienic.

Good commercial cleaning and fogging can considerably reduce and eliminate the risk of a viral count on surfaces and objects in the workplace. We recommend a once-over cleaning before performing disinfecting cleaning, or fogging. Cleaning with specialised chemicals will remove particles that may be harmful on surfaces. Hygiene practices and solutions can help reduce the spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Did you know that your business can be protected with pest control long before a pest problem starts?

The single most important reason for pest control is to reduce pest creatures and the threats that they pose. Having professionals determine your risks and needs is just as important before, during or after an infestation is detected.

This decision should be viewed from both a short- and long-term perspective. Perhaps consider the impact and risks that ineffective pest control could have on your business environment. Be sure to also factor in the cost of investing your time and the time of your employees into the equation. Your employees and customers can be protected against the number of health risks that pests pose. If pests are detected, the chances are good that an infestation is already establishing itself. Property decision-makers will need to act quickly to bring the pests under control.

That is why it makes better business sense to retain professional pest management experts from the start. Once matters have been brought under control, having us carry out regular maintenance on the area, will ensure continued protection.

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