“Winter is Coming”: A Pre-Winter Facilities Management Checklist

As the colder months start approaching, it’s essential to begin preparing for the winter weather, which is why we’ve prepared a pre-winter facilities management checklist. To ensure that your commercial property is ready for winter, follow a checklist that covers essential areas such as the heating system, roof and gutters, doors and windows, and more.

Proper maintenance and checks are crucial to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for employees, visitors, and customers. By starting early and following the pre-winter facilities management checklist, facilities managers can avoid potential downtime, safety hazards, or energy inefficiencies that may arise during winter. A well-prepared commercial property can help maintain a positive image, ensure safety, and improve the bottom line. So, take the necessary steps to prepare for winter and keep your facility running all year round smoothly.

Check your heating system

You should check that the heating system is fully operational and working efficiently before the cold weather arrives. It’s essential to have the system checked by a professional, including cleaning, servicing, and replacing worn or faulty parts.

Inspect the roof and gutters

The roof and gutters need to be inspected to ensure they can handle the weather winter brings. Check for any damage, blockages, or leaks, and have them repaired or cleaned as needed.

Test backup generators

Backup generators are essential, especially during winter when power outages occur. Ensure backup generators are in good working condition and have enough fuel to last through any potential power outages.

Inspect doors and windows

Doors and windows need to be checked for any drafts, cracks, or gaps that let cold air in and warm air out. This can cause the heating system to work harder, leading to higher energy bills. Seal any gaps and cracks and improve energy efficiency.

Inspect and service fire safety systems

Fire safety systems, including fire alarms and sprinkler systems, need to be inspected and serviced before the winter months. This includes checking for any damage, cleaning the systems, and ensuring they’re in good working condition.

Prepare parking lots

While we don’t often experience snow or icy conditions in South Africa, it still pays to be prepared. Outdoor areas, such as paved areas for walkways and parking lots, should be prepared for winter weather. This includes removing potential hazards, such as loose gravel or debris, and re-paving as needed.

Prepare your outdoors

Want your trees and garden to look great after winter passes? It’s important to prune trees and shrubs to maintain their health and shape, remove dead foliage, and clear debris from the garden. With extra care, your garden can thrive even during the winter months. In addition, mulching the base of your trees will insulate them from harsh weather and help them retain water more efficiently.

To avoid potential last-minute issues, it’s always better to start preparing early. Following this pre-winter facilities management checklist, you can ensure that your commercial property is ready for the colder months ahead and looking great heading into Spring. A well-prepared facility can help keep employees, visitors, and customers safe and comfortable during winter.


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