What Your Landscape Says About Your Business

Your landscaping is curb appeal and a large part of your business image, and property owners should focus on what your landscape says about your business! 

The brand image expresses who you are as a business, how you want to portray your business to customers, and the types of clients you want to attract. As any good business owner would know, first impressions make lasting impressions. 

Your Landscape And First Impressions 

First impressions start forming as soon as a potential client or employee approaches your business. As they observe, they will form an opinion about whether or not you care about your business, employee well-being, if your property is well maintained, do you have green outdoor spaces, if it is well maintained, etc. Have a look at your commercial property with a fresh set of eyes, and as a business owner, ask yourself; what does my landscape say about my business? 

A good working environment for employees is a well-maintained outdoor space. Greener outdoor spaces reflect whether or not you and your employees take pride in your business. Shape how your employees feel about their working environment – create outdoor spaces to enjoy, unwind, and re-energize. Add flower beds lined with plants, shrubbery, and beautiful seating areas where employees and visitors can sit and enjoy the outdoor air. 

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Pristine Outdoors For A Pristine Company

Display professionalism and pride in your business with landscaping 

and add value to your property. Ensure the surrounding area of your commercial property is maintained. Just as you would market yourself to the public through different forms of advertising, your landscape can be another way to promote your business to clients. Walking by a company with neglected gardens reflects poorly on the business. Potential customers will note how dilapidated the space looks rather than noting who you are and what you do. A pristine outdoor area can help reinvent how potential customers look at your business and may even help you attract a few new clients! 

Having beautiful landscapes can also say a lot about the core values your business perceives to be necessary. Sustainability plays a huge part in today’s world, and customers want to ensure that the companies they support do their bit to help our environment. Litter, unkept grounds, and dilapidated buildings can lead to potential customers assuming you are not environmentally conscious. Paying attention to the detail and ensuring that you work in greener working environments is essential to your business. It can also assist potential customers in seeing how much you value your business and our precious environment. 

So, what does your landscape say about your business?

Can you do more? Think of your commercial landscape as an indirect form of marketing. Well maintained facility’s exterior can reflect how your company maintains itself. Treating landscaping as an aspect of branding allows you to say what your logo and tagline can’t. And if you are wondering what your commercial landscaping return on investment (ROI) will be, consider that a well-groomed and maintained landscape can increase your property’s value.

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