Spring Building Maintenance Add Years To Your Property

Spring building maintenance add years to your commercial property, and with Spring rapidly approaching, property owners should consider adding building maintenance tasks to their checklist. Maintenance isn’t just seasonal, we agree it should be top of mind year-round, but a seasonal checklist will cover all the needed care in a 12-month cycle.

Tips to add to your Spring Building Maintenance Checklist:

Making your property look inviting and attractive is important. Here are some essential spring building maintenance tasks that you can add to your list:

  • Gutters
  • Cleaning
  • Signage
  • Parking Areas
  • Windows
  • Air-conditioning
  • Landscaping and Garden Cleanup
  • Declutter the Office

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Gutters are often overlooked, and even though you cleaned out the gutters during winter, it is worthwhile to check that they have since remained clear of debris. Taking an hour or two, giving the gutters a good clean, and washing down with high-pressure water will be time well spent.


The exterior of the building may still be looking good, but unbelievably it is not as clean as you might think! Washing the walls with high-pressure water will dramatically change the appearance and return the building to its once newly painted look.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for residential properties; it applies to business owners too! If you want to get your business on track for success, get a good deep cleaning to form part of your spring building maintenance.

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Give your signage the spruce-up it needs with a wash, or consider adding new signage altogether. It’s a truism that “first impressions count,” what is the value of having a clean building exterior if the small details such as signs and road markings on your property are somewhat unkempt?

Parking Areas

Parking areas may need maintenance and repairs. If potholes or other significant defects have popped up, look at repaving. The arrows and instructions painted on the road surface may also need to a redone. Freshly lined parking spots make your business stand out.


With all the dust winter brings, windows usually need a good clean. Your building’s windows may need a pre-spring cleaning, even the high-access hard-to-reach windows.


Now is the best time to have the air-conditioning system serviced and re-gassed if necessary.

Landscaping and Garden Cleanup

If you want your business to have curb appeal, a spring cleanup of debris that may have settled on lawns and landscaped areas is a must. Trim trees and shrubs appropriately to make them attractive – and don’t forget to mulch!

Just as your building gets a fine layer of dirt deposited during winter, so do all your evergreen trees, bushes, and shrubs. While it may seem to be overdoing it since the rains will come soon (we hope) and wash the leaves of their accumulated grime, washing them down with a hosepipe on its spray setting will give the leaves a chance to take their first breath and allow them to do their work when the rains eventually do come.

Perhaps a landscaping makeover could get your business noticed.

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Spring Building Maintenance – Declutter the Office

If you are “spring cleaning” your business, not only should you give your office a good clean, but you can focus on some decluttering also. Not only will your workplace look better, but you might also feel better. Tossing out unwanted trash never hurt anybody, right?

Spring Building Maintenance Tasks Made Easy With FSG

Tasks that make the most difference to your business are those in which FSG, a Facility Services Group, is most experienced. We offer a one-call solution to all your spring maintenance needs that allows you to focus on serving your customers.

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