Greener spaces in Commercial Property

greener spaces in commercial property

Greener spaces benefit the environment. This is true. 

What is becoming more and more evident, however, is that along with being better for the natural world, greener spaces improve business. They can have an almost immediate positive impact – such as the intangible benefit of tenant well-being to the undeniable increase in long-term financial returns for investors.

There is a clear demand for greener spaces in commercial property and the data shows that this trend is growing.

RICS is a globally recognised professional body respected for its global standards and trusted data and insights. From a recent study, RICS found that globally, around 35% of the participants in the survey believed that green buildings secure higher rents over comparable non-green buildings.

Being environmentally sound is becoming a key development strategy.

Technology and accessibility to premium environmental service providers and supplies have made it easy for commercial property owners to transition. This could mean drawing less power from the grid, reducing the business carbon footprint or several other factors that can significantly lower operational costs. 

How can you incorporate greener spaces into your commercial property?


Sustainability is always at the forefront of the mind for FSG.

After all, landscaping is where nature and man work in tandem to create a lush outdoor oasis. Our landscape architects can design and create; public parks, parkways, plan sites for campuses, corporate office parks and residential estates. We also work with large wilderness areas or reclaim degraded landscapes.

We strive to make a positive impact on your bottom line while keeping conservation in mind. This applies to a new landscape design that is cost-effective, energy-efficient, water-saving, and environmentally sound. This also applies to existing spaces, where we can recycle debris, and improve water management in existing gardens.

We were recently recognised by the South African Landscapers Institute (SALI) with a Double Gold in Landscape Construction. This identifies the aesthetics and design ingenuity of the landscape. It goes further by acknowledging the environmental consideration that has gone into the design. The award-winning property was honoured for being water-wise and mindful of Africa’s precious resources.

Experts predict that South Africa’s demand for water will exceed its supply by 2025.

In most gardens, we cover the beds with mulch. This helps with water conservation by lowering water evaporation and we encourage property owners to consider rainwater harvesting. This is becoming increasingly essential in South African gardens. Using grey water and rainwater saves money on water bills and irrigation.

Permeable paving stones can also be incorporated. These absorb rainwater and allow it to drain through to the underlying soil.

Hydrozone landscaping design ensures that plants are arranged according to their watering needs. Irrigation is thus simplified and effective, with “thirsty” plants not being under-watered and protecting drought-resistant plants from over-watering. 

Climate has a major influence on the design plan. Oftentimes we like to blend the garden into the surrounding area so that it feels more natural and to encourage local wildlife into the space. We also do large-scale clean-up and deforestation of alien species, as well as wetland maintenance and rehabilitation.

Mother Nature has blessed South Africa with stunning water-wise and indigenous plant species! Creating a space that is green, by including these hardy plants is easily achievable.

Office Plants:

It’s easy to turn your office into a green space with Office Plants. Introducing air-purifying office plants can simultaneously detox the environment and bring a state of happiness and calmness to the space.

The benefits of office plants to health, well-being and productivity have been well-studied.

Here we list some plants that are known as natural air-purifiers.

Pest Control:

Gardens need the correct nutrients to thrive and require constant care to avoid being affected by weeds and pest invasions.

We take immense care in training our staff in the correct application of the most effective solutions to curb pests in gardens, on office plants and in the buildings themselves.

After all, nature is all around us and creepy crawlies will still make their way into our lives. 

As an example, rats can spread disease and parasites. It is problematic, to say the least. Injudicious use of pesticides has a knock-on effect by entering the natural food chain. It can kill off un-targeted species, and it takes experts to manage that this does not happen.

With years of experience and training we have pest control solutions focused on problematic pests, while keeping the environments safe.

Noise-free Environment:

Greenery dampen noise from traffic or in the office environments. At FSG, we also do out bit in keeping noise levels down.

Our garden maintenance services, and the equipment we use, offer noise-free solutions. Your productivity levels are unaffected, encouraging a harmonious work environment for all.

A place to relax:

Having greener spaces is more than aesthetics. They can provide a reprieve from stress. It also supports new ideas & creative thinking if occupants have a beautiful natural space to take a break-in.

Often the garden is the first thing that people see when they enter your premises.

A nourished, trimmed and well-looked-after green space can positively influence the mood of everyone on the premises. 

Building inspections:

Your commercial property may be leaking energy. We can assess and advise on solutions. This could be changing plugs or fittings or the type of light bulbs used to ensure that the building is as energy-efficient as possible.

Perhaps installing alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, may be an answer for your business. We offer building maintenance solutions that can assist your facility to remain compliant with regard to relevant standards and regulations.


A green space is a clean space. Our services include regular general cleaning. This removes dirt and dust as well as germs while lowering the viral load that could accumulate as people move in and out of the area.

Moreover, FSG provides a variety of other cleaning and hygiene services, like deep cleaning, high access window cleaning, and hygiene solutions.

Again, we use the most appropriate chemicals for the environment and longest efficacy.

A green space takes a holistic approach:

As an experienced Facilities Management company, we want your property to be sustainable and to work well – all elements considered. That is important both outdoors and indoors.

Ultimately, if everything is well-orchestrated, you can enjoy substantial monthly savings on water and electricity. Monthly savings and cash flow are the lifeblood of every business – and can surely increase the demand for occupancy or even improve the sale value of your property down the line.

Talk to one of our specialists about creating a greener space for your commercial property today!


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