Inspire Your Team With Office Plants

Inspire Your Team With Office Plants

Inspire Your Team With Office Plants: Office plants are often the last consideration – especially in periods of high stress or financial restraints.

Counterintuitively, office plants could be the very solution! Creating an office environment that is pleasant and welcoming is an ideal that many businesses aspire to. However, daily priorities around running a strong operation can place the focus on what is traditionally considered essentials, such as furniture and equipment.

It is not just us shrub-fans that advocate a bit of greenery, but more and more science is backing this up. In a space that houses some of the best brains in your business, it is important to note that vegetation improves brain and mental health by boosting moods, improving memory and increasing productivity.

Your employees and customers are some of the most valuable assets and contributors to your bottom line, and plants can be an affordable and powerful way to support them.

Read on as we share the answers to some questions that you may have regarding office plants:

Where Can I Buy Office Plants?

Buying feature pot plants from your local nursery can be an expensive option.  Often, the pots that are being sold, are not made for busy environments and you would have to spend money to ensure that they can withstand wear and tear.

FSG is a Facility Services Group, that not only supplies all sizes of indoor greenery, but also maintains them on your behalf. The containers are incredibly durable – without the out-lay. The species we choose are hardy. This is important because not everyone has green fingers and replacing sick or dying plants can become pricey too. Our staff are all well-trained in the best light and air-flow conditions for them to thrive.

We regularly maintain optimum soil conditions by watering specific species on a schedule. Particular plants require additional nutrients and we ensure that they are topped up long before they show any signs of deficiency. Root-bound pots are removed and the vegetation is transferred into larger containers. Old-growth and wilted leaves are cut away. This stops them from getting moulds or other pathogens. Herbicides and insecticides are chosen to get the best results. Having our team see to this is like having your own personal horticulturist at a fraction of the cost.

What Are The Benefits Of Office Plants?

Office spaces are most often not designed for optimal wellness. A bit of indoor nature has the ability to counteract that. In fact, a study conducted at Exeter University in the U.K. came to the conclusion that indoor plants improved concentration, productivity and staff well-being by a whopping 47%!

What Other Staff Investment Could Make Such A Difference?

Consider, too, the implications that would exist if your employees found an improvement in their memory. Well, the same study discovered a 20% boost in recollection when plants were present.

This is by far not the only scientific paper written on the matter. Others report an increase in cognitive skills such as creative thinking and spatial processing.

Do Indoor Plants Really Improve The Air Quality?

The architecture of workspaces often leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to fresh air movement. Windows are placed such that they provide light, but many don’t open at all. Even if you work in a quieter suburb, chances are good that you are still near a bustling city. Opening a window could bring in a fair amount of Carbon Dioxide. Negative ions also accumulate, only worsening with electronics, artificial lighting and air conditioning.

Imagine for a moment your business closed, dark and quiet after you have locked it up for the night. The office plants get to work rejuvenating the air quality and restoring balance. Your staff enter a revitalised space every morning.

How Do Office Plants Relieve Stress?

Over and above the real benefit of removing toxins and injecting the space with a breath of fresh air, they certainly provide an aesthetic that has a calming effect. The recent trend of open workspaces was found by science to promote anxiety and many owners, whether consciously or subconsciously, are compartmentalising the areas again. Plants can provide that break and reduce noise without compromising on the open feel.

Colour has a very powerful effect on our contentment. Green has been shown to stabilise moods and improve concentration.

We understand that the very placement of the plants must blend in to or improve on your office design. Knowing exactly where small and large plants should be positioned takes an experienced eye. We have been maintaining properties for many years and you can be assured of a display that works in any size space. We study garden design as an absolute passion – so if you want trendy plants or a green wall, we know exactly what will work well, without disrupting the flow of your everyday responsibilities.

Do Office Plants Carry Any Other Intangible Financial Benefits?

As plants are powerhouse air improvers and mood enhancers, it goes without saying that the people who are surrounded by plants tend to be healthier and happier. Abstentionism has both a direct and knock-on effect in the workplace and can contribute to a substantial impact on your bottom line.

A few plants can make a tremendous difference in the well-being of everyone.

As you can see the benefits of office plants and using the right company to keep them in tip-top condition is very important. If you need a helping hand in the office plant department, leave it to the experts: Contact FSG for a quote.


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