Why deep cleaning is needed in today’s environment

No matter how often you clean your property, deep cleaning every now and then will contribute to money and time savings. Of course, it will also ensure that your investment stays in tip-top condition as well as remaining as hygienic as possible. Read on to discover why pre and post deep cleaning is needed in today’s environment and how you can benefit from this service.

Slowing wear and tear

Professional cleaning saves your property from wear and tear. Our staff have the expertise to remove stubborn grime, corrosive substances, fungus and bacteria. These, if left unchecked, can quickly deteriorate the building, and the items within. In some cases, difficult-to-reach dirt can provide breeding grounds for pests, which can then affect adjacent buildings and tenants.

A deep clean does not contribute to wear and tear as the cleaners match their technique and products to the nature of the surface.

Save landlords money with deep cleaning 

By far the best way to save on maintenance costs is to be at the very place where issues arise. With deep cleaning, cleaners will be the first to notice any problems and bring them to your attention. It also follows that regular and correct cleaning can extend the life of many surfaces, including furnished offices and apartments.

It takes specialised training to deal with chemicals, contaminants and corrosives, and to remove them safely from the building when necessary. The team can assist with any hazardous refuse, dangerous spills, floodwater, sanitisation or poison that may constitute an emergency.

On the other end of the scale, the industrial quality chemicals that are brought in by deep cleaners have been specially formulated for the job and are more effective than the general, expensive products sold at the grocery shop.

Additionally, if you outsource your deep cleaning services, it buys time that can be better spent on your business processes and performance. These all equate to substantial financial savings to the landlord.

Enhanced business image  & tenant retention tool

Impression matters in the rental property business. You get a chance to make a favourable first impression by having a professional cleaning service. A well-cleaned building is extremely inviting. The cleanliness alone could be the reason for someone to rent the premises. As a landlord or property manager who is considering hiring a professional cleaner, you define your role as a business owner who best understands where certain tasks should be delegated to expert teams. It presents you as a competent professional and when tenants see the maintenance systems that you have in place, they are motivated to do business with you.  Consistently clean properties can encourage tenants to remain, which in turn, benefits a landlord over the medium to long term.

Moreover, landlords wish to reduce the time between a tenant moving out and the property being ready for showing. Occupational cleaning is a great ally to marketing the premises faster and confidently.

A clean property sets an elevated standard for tenants to maintain. If cleanliness is seen as a priority, tenants will be more likely to reflect that in the daily upkeep of their personal environment.

Difficulties with tenants reduced

Mould and dampness can lead to poor air quality. Certain fungi can also deteriorate plaster and paint and make the occupied areas look unsightly and unhygienic. Dirt and dust found in hard-to-reach areas can harbour eggs and nests for pests. Unsanitary spaces can lead to health issues and personal injuries. Tenants will complain at best, and sue at worst. Not only will you risk losing regular rental income from a lost tenant, but the reputation of your business could also be at stake.

Many of these issues can go unnoticed. When they do become a problem, they often escalate quickly and are costly to repair. They also require a long-term micro-management strategy so that they don’t flare up again.

Scheduled deep cleaning can address these common issues before they even begin. Not only are the areas properly cleaned, the products used by the cleaning staff often include ingredients that have effective sanitising and disinfecting properties. Again, eyes on the ground can also report any problems as soon as they are noticed.

Deep Cleaning offers Peace of Mind

The cleaners are thoroughly vetted and, in certain cases (dependent on the sensitivity of the job) supervised. They have been provided with relevant and ongoing specialised training and equipment. They have the experience, often having been in the industry for many years and have worked in several different types of building structures. Our cleaners are not only competent, motivated and proud, they are also accountable.

We regularly conduct inspections, follow-up with our clients and ask for feedback so that we may provide the best service. As a business owner, you can appreciate the HR implications and how outsourcing the service, including its human capital, saves you time and headaches.

With the pandemic making people realise the importance of thorough cleaning, never has there been more emphasis on ensuring you leave or enter a premises that has been properly and expertly deep cleaned.

Our deep cleaning services  are designed with property managers in mind. The services are tailored to your needs and we endeavour to work around your schedule to quickly deliver the results you need, so that the space is ready when you need it to be. Contact us for more information.


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