Security technology or Human? Which is better?

Tech focused security

A question that you have no doubt asked yourself is: Is my property safe from intruders when using security technology or human security? Unfortunately, burglary and property theft are consistently on the rise as criminals develop new ways to target their victims. There are two traditional methods to date when it comes to beefing up your security game. Guarding and camera surveillance. The question of whether CCTV or security guards are more efficient and effective is frequently debated in security circles.

Both of these security options act as crime deterrents while offering protection. However, which one is better? Do you feel that cameras are enough to prevent criminals? Or do you think hiring security guards is the answer?

The key to the best security is a connection between both

Cameras and guarding are not stand-alone items, both come with various advantages and serious disadvantages. In order to create a better solution, a combination of security technology and human-focused security would be the best option to choose.

Traditionally, hiring a security guard was the best option for those looking to protect their business. However, CCTV is becoming a more appealing choice due to cost-effectiveness, advances in detection technology, and improved response times. For a CCTV system to be fully effective in crime prevention it must include the human element with guarding, mobile security, or on/off-site live video monitoring behind it.

Advantages of CCTV

  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Visual
  • Accurate

CCTV surveillance systems are convenient technological options for security monitoring, with even the entry-level version of a CCTV providing video logs of daily activities within your premise. Just the visibility of a surveillance camera is enough to make burglars think twice. The most sophisticated CCTV systems can have remote monitoring, audio warnings, and motion detection, reducing the number of false alarms.

Compared to a security hire, a security camera system costs only a small amount of a security team’s payroll. The initial installation can be costly, but it tapers off after the first year.

For all the advantages that closed-circuit security offers, CCTV does, however, have some limitations. These limitations can make or break the value of this technology for your home or commercial business.

Taking care of these issues can be a struggle, and sometimes there’s the need for extra costs to be laid out. The following considerations must be taken into account to eliminate the frustrations that CCTV can present:

Quality Security Equipment

The primary weakness of any CCTV surveillance is poor quality and low range. If only all CCTV worked as they do in the movies and zoom in a zillion times onto the car’s license plate! If you are opting for a low-cost option, you may only be able to monitor one tiny corridor or door.

Blind spots and added costs

You’ll rarely find one camera alone. For a system to work cohesively there will need to be measures taken to install cameras through various angles. Even then with the most professional installation, there’s bound to be a blind spot somewhere. This can become a crucial error to your security if left unchecked.

Crime Deterrence Issues

A CCTV by itself is not enough to prevent criminals, if there is a lack of security personnel within an eyeshot, theft can happen very suddenly. Whether onsite or off-site, live monitoring is important in ensuring that your back is under a competent person’s watchful eyes, giving you that added peace of mind that a camera simply does not.

Deterring Inside Jobs

The primary weakness of a closed-circuit camera in businesses is the inside jobs that occur.  This happens in rare cases where an internal person sabotages security. Even somebody untrained in IT can penetrate security systems or will know more than enough to get around the cameras. Having a security firm perform offsite surveillance can prevent any internal conflict that can arise.

As you might have realised by now, the two work hand-in-hand. Tech aids the human factor that drives the security force with your safety at heart.

Advantages of Hiring Security Guards

  • Add peace of mind
  • Visual
  • Can re-act quickly
  • Eye witness
  • Flexible

Hired security guards must undergo rigorous training to be deemed competent for the job they undertake. Quite often, security personnel is made up of people with law enforcement experience. Security guards and security monitoring services play an important role in controlling the violations of conduct on the premises.

Onsite resolution and handling

One of the mentioned problems with surveillance systems is their inability to address crime within its immediate vicinity. This disadvantage is present when it comes to human security. What does a security guard do in these situations? The first thing they do is de-escalate the situation. For small crimes such as petty theft and vandals, they can isolate and apprehend. They can then call management and decide what to do with the offenders. This comes either as a warning or an outright ban from the vicinity. Anything more significant than small crimes, they can call law enforcement. During that time, security officers can call for an evacuation.

Element of surprise at a price

Many businesses encourage a guard to perform random patrols at different intervals as needed. This gives a high degree of difficulty for burglars to infiltrate. While this can help, security cameras can do the same without the sky-high costs. Hiring security guards for patrol means having at least two in the vicinity. If you are a 24/7 facility, that’s 2 to 3 shifts of two people on the payroll!

The “Human Factor”

As we discussed, some businesses take preference of security guards over high-tech solutions. This is for the mere human presence they provide in the establishment and the ability to be visual and vigilant. Any security system would want to assert its presence, to alert to criminal elements and remain difficult to access. Security cameras may show such an initial effect, but this does not last. A fit security officer can react quickly and can be a valuable eyewitness with a human rationale that can bolster the facts. But as humans, the problem could lie in security personnel being one of the first people to create rumours due to the nature of their work. Humans also get tired, over-worked, and sick. But at the same time can be a vital member of your business team with the inside information that is critical to everyone’s safety.

Choosing between a CCTV system, access control system or security guard can be difficult given the range of factors to consider. If you are unsure which route offers better protection for your business considerations to explore include:

  • Cost
  • Reliability
  • Response Times

We hope that this article helped you evaluate the difference between the two options across the most common security and liability issues faced by businesses today. Understanding how these two solutions compare, and how CCTV has advanced in recent years, will help you make a better decision for your own premises. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with the perfect tailor-made security match for your needs.


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