Why Your Business Needs Security Services

Having the correct security services in place is essential to any business’s daily operations. South Africans are well aware of our crime rate and yet somehow, some businesses still have only the basic security services in place. Commercial and cybercrime are on the rise and unfortunately, the financial loss to businesses due to inadequate measures in place is more often than not, preventable. Business crimes are extremely difficult to recover from, which is why it is vital to prioritise security. We list the security services you should have in place and some that you could implement to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees, guests and assets.
  • Guarding and patrolling: security services

    Security guards are instrumental in preventing crimes as well as ensuring that all security measures that you have in place, are functioning and inspected. Today, South African private security businesses are keeping up with the rise in crime, by ensuring well-trained staff that is always on the alert and ready to act. They pride themselves on being one step ahead of one another. Therefore, guarding has developed into a whole business of its own, with guards going through rigorous vetting and training before being employed. At FSG the guarding solutions that we offer are continually monitored and evaluated to ensure that they operate to the highest industry standards. Guards and patrolling offer peace of mind, which in term allows you and the employees to work more efficiently. After all, the more relaxed your team is about their working environment, the better they can focus on their daily tasks.
  • Offsite CCTV Monitoring

    CCTV offers clients alarm/trigger-based off-site monitoring. The CCTV system transmits live video to our offsite state -of -the art control room when an event occurs and the team monitoring, responds immediately. An event can be anything from motion on the cameras, beams being triggered on the perimeter, thermal or infrared passives that are triggered or analytics on the cameras themselves. Once this event occurs, the live video is automatically flagged to the CCTV offsite monitoring control room where operators verify and implement according to the predetermined protocol. Protocols range from contacting Armed Response, SAPS, the site manager to switching the client’s premises lights on. The possibilities are endless. Offsite CCTV monitoring allows for much faster reaction times, as having these systems in place can bring along the extra benefit of being able to be in two places at once. It alerts any security on-site to jump into action, therefore it makes for a speedier reaction.
  • Security services: Camera surveillance

    Camera surveillance does more than aid in security breaches from external parties. In an office space, there can be issues of staff not doing what they are supposed to or even worse, taking what does not belong to them. Having a few cameras around can assist in ensuring that employees are not tempted to breach rules and guidelines and can even add to an increase in productivity. More often than not we have experienced incidences whereby people have zero evidence of the crime that was committed. With the use of cameras and a logging system, you can pull security footage at any given time, catching culprits in the act. Having a couple of cameras in place creates a boost in office morale. The need to feel secure is constant and cameras achieve this in a more subtle, unobtrusive way.
  • Alarm System Installations & Maintenance with linked Armed Response

    We offer a full tactical armed response to our clients with a team that responds immediately. There is no time to waste and the sooner we get to you, the safer you’ll be. Finding faster, better and more evolved ways to keep you safe is at the centre of our armed response team. With our team’s skills and expertise is kept up-to-date, we guarantee their participation in all relevant training, seminars and skill evaluations and when linked to our alarm system installation and maintenance, nothing is left to chance should you experience a threat on your property. We offer a wide range of security alarm systems that enable you to remotely automate your business with such features as thermostats control, light automation, door lock, arm/disarm your security alarm system and many more.
  • Electric Fence Installation & Maintenance

    Perimeters, regardless of their type, are used to prevent intruders from accessing homes, commercial properties, and high-security areas. Using an electric security fence is an effective way to protect your property as well as your valuable assets. Most existing structures can be modified to include an electric fencing component. It’s important to note that electric fences should always be installed by professionals as, the basic maintenance of these fences require checking for adequate voltage in the wires with a voltage meter, preventing tree branches and other objects from touching the fence, and making sure that the connections are in good working order.  Electric fences are composed of steel or aluminium wires that have been coated with a protective material to prevent rusting. When you work with FSG, we’ll make sure that you get an electric fence that perfectly matches your protection needs.
  • Access Control Solutions using Advanced Digital Platforms

    Every organisation strives to have a safe and secure premise with the correct security services. To achieve this, an access control solution with advanced digital capabilities is essential. Beyond the traditional security measures explained above, access control solutions are influential in helping organisations reinforce zone restrictions and improve on-site security. Access control is valued by numerous industries including; Government, Pharmaceutical, Education, Hospitals, Aviation, with more and more organisations understanding the importance of installing a solution that can restrict areas and protect the property as well as their people and assets. Access control solutions provide a deterrent for anyone wanting to gain access to your property. With access restricted, there is less temptation. This works both ways, it prevents unwanted visitors from getting in as well as getting out. Criminals will want a quick getaway and will, therefore, think twice about breaking into your business. Areas within the workplace can be restricted too. Electronic access control will allow you to monitor who is accessing specific areas within the business as well as when they are accessed, giving you a bird’s eye view of the comings and goings of your staff. Access levels can be changed easily in the event of a security breach or if someone resigns from the business. Say goodbye to access cards, keys or other physical objects that can threaten the business’s security.
If you’re interested in upgrading your current security services, get in touch with us for a free risk assessment. Once we’ve identified the vulnerabilities of your premises, we’ll recommend security services and equipment to suit the specific needs. Contact us for an obligation free quotation. 


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