Are Commercial Garden Maintenance Services Necessary?

At FSG our expertise and experience in commercial garden maintenance services stretches over 25 years. We pride ourselves in providing award-winning services, that are supervised with experienced staff who are expertly equipped to keep any garden in pristine condition all year round.

We offer a wide variety of specialised commercial garden maintenance services;

  • Housing Complex Maintenance
  • Golf Estate Maintenance
  • School & Sport-field Maintenance
  • Wetland Maintenance & Rehabilitation
  • Tree-felling & Trimming
  • Tractor Cutting & Fire Breaks
  • Large Scale Clean-ups & Deforestation
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Spring Treatment
  • Sports Field Lawn Maintenance

With experience we have built up over the years, over a wide range of industries, we have found the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that all aspects of your garden maintenance are met to your exact requirements. And we know about the various reasons as to why regular garden maintenance is so important.

Here we list just some of the reasons why you should use professional for your garden maintenance services.


Gardens are often seen as an extension of your home, office park, school or estate, and is often an area used to socialise (especially in today’s climate). When a garden is overgrown or neglected, these areas quickly become unappealing. Your garden is likely to be the very first thing that visitors see. And, undoubtedly you will want to make sure that your garden gives the right impression of you, your business and property.

Even if your gardens are kept fairly clean and tidy, regular garden maintenance is still vital to avoid a dull and dying space. It’s also important to be aware that depending on the type of soil that is in the area where your garden is located, you may need to regularly replenish the nutrients in your soil. This can be achieved by fertilising your lawn every few months and adding nutrients to the flower beds. This will keep your lawn looking bright, fresh, and very much alive.

Commercial Garden Maintenance Services Saves You Money

You may think that regular garden maintenance will do the absolute opposite of saving you money, especially if you are hiring a professional but this is certainly not the case. If you leave gardens to grow out of control, it can lead to serious damage. The cost needed to rectifying your garden issues cost substantially more than regular professional maintenance.

Several structures can be damaged as a result of gardens being left to over-grow. If there are fences and walls nearby, overgrown weeds and plants can very quickly cause damage. Plants are extremely resilient and will grow in any cracks, gaps and crevices on the walls or fences. This could spell disaster as they will lose structural integrity. This can lead walls to crumble and can cause fences to become irreparable. The cost of replacing them can go up into the thousands, and it is obviously not an expense that you will want to pay, especially when it could have been avoided. Regular garden maintenance will help prevent this from happening, and it will ensure that your garden stays manageable and under control.

Weed Control

As mentioned above, keeping weeds under control is vital in keeping your garden as a happy, nice looking area. Weeds have a nasty habit of sprouting up wherever and whenever they please. As so, they can wreak all sorts of havoc for your other plant life, from stealing their food to blocking sunlight. When weeds show up in your garden, they can suck up the nutrients from the soil, leaving your plants with little nourishment to grow. The soil is full of important lifesaving nutrients, but when weeds are packed in between other crops, there is of course less to be shared around, leaving your plants to wilt and even die.

With regular checks and monthly weeding, your lovely plants will continue to be healthy, and rich in nutrients, allowing them to truly thrive. Weeds can also block out sunlight from reaching your plants. Weeds grow much faster and more aggressively than other plants, and if left untouched, they begin to block out the valuable sunlight that your garden plants require to thrive and survive.

Increase Property Value

Many people underestimate how much value a well-maintained garden can add to the asking price of any property. A garden that is neat, attractive and usable can be a huge drawcard to any potential buyers, adding as much as 25% to the overall value. With a touch of regular maintenance, your garden will reap the rewards further down the line.

If you are looking at putting your property on the market it’s wise to boost your garden’s appeal by doing a few small things namely;

Mow the lawn – Freshly cutting your lawn instantly smartens up your garden, without the need for much time or effort.

Weed – Even if you don’t have any plants in your borders or beds, weeding these areas will make them look tidy, and shows new buyers that the borders and beds are well looked after. If you have any patio or decking, you should take additional care to weed between these cracks. If the weeds are allowed to grow, they can be extremely difficult to remove and you may have to result to chemicals or special tools.

It goes without saying though, that if you had a garden maintenance service, this would always be taken care of automatically not to mention any patio or deck repairs you may need.

Commercial Garden Maintenance and Pest Control

Pests can be more than a headache to any garden. Rodents love to take a particular liking to the back walls and fences of gardens, often settling and making homes there. This becomes a problem as rats can carry numerous diseases and parasites that spread easily. When debris and dead natural material is left to gather in your garden, it can lead to a whole host of issues. Rot can spread and so can various pests such as wood burying insects who spread to healthy wood once the deadwood has been exhausted. Weeds are notoriously known for spreading diseases to healthy plants. Weeds carry diseases that can be passed from the weed to your crops by insects.

We are passionate about what we do. To find out more about FSG’s year-round commercial garden maintenance services – including commercial pest control –  contact us today.


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