Do you work in a Clean Workplace?

There are many industries in which a clean workplace is totally non-negotiable and even controlled by legislation.  Think restaurants, fast food outlets, hospitals, and abattoirs – these industries require a high level of cleanliness and hygiene for obvious reasons, but so does a normal office environment, and now even more so than before the pandemic.

The industries mentioned above are obvious ones when thinking of sanitary environments, but this is often something that falls low on the list of priorities in a normal office environment.  There are also industries that are considered more ‘dirty’ than others and often times, the workplaces reflect the grubby nature of their work.  A vehicle workshop may be a good example of this (although these days many of them are exceptionally clean).

But there is more to dirt than meets the eye.  Bacteria and germs cannot be seen but need to be eliminated as regularly as possible so as not to present health hazards.

In much the same way that you are more likely to want to spend time with somebody who takes after their own personal hygiene than somebody who doesn’t – you may want to spend time in a clean and hygienic environment more than a dirty environment.

Benefits of a Clean Workplace

A clean and tidy working environment has the following benefits:

  • Shows that you care about your environment and your business
  • Shows that you respect your employees and your customers
  • Ensures productivity through improved overall health and wellbeing of staff
  • Creates a safer workplace
  • Promotes better focus and increases productivity

Is office cleaning and hygiene on your radar?

Many organisations spend thousands, if not millions on developing their brand, but are reluctant to invest in keeping their spaces clean and hygienic and pleasant to work in.  This makes no sense as the corporate environment is part of your brand and therefore should be kept in pristine condition.  Not only does the state of your premises translate as part of your brand personality, but it also shows professionalism and respect to your employees and customers.

How do you Implement an Office Protocol for a Clean Workplace?

Like your home, every office should have a designated storage space for cleaning materials and equipment.

Since some cleaning aids contain toxic chemicals, these need to be appropriately labeled and stored.

Assist your cleaning staff to take pride in their work and to remain motivated by highlighting how important this function is within the organisation.  Provide designated cleaning staff with clearly defined printed tasks that they can mark off on a regular basis.

Like any other department in the company, each member of the cleaning team must be equipped with the necessary tools for a clean workplace.  Care must be taken to ensure that employees do not hurt themselves while performing their jobs.  For example, cleaning carts or buckets should be equipped with wheels or castors for ease of movement.

Break down cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and semi-annual cleaning tasks and procedures. Associate each task with the relevant cleaning aids that are recommended for completing the task.  Any tips or tricks to add to each task will also go a long way.

Check in with cleaning staff on a regular basis to find out what obstacles or challenges they may be facing in their day-to-day responsibilities and provide an easy way for staff to request additional cleaning materials when required.

Remember that in the interests of health and safety, signage must be placed where relevant to warn people of cleaning activities taking place that could be potentially dangerous, for example, recently mopped floors.

As part of your office cleaning protocol, you must include regular maintenance on equipment, such as air conditioners so that filters can be cleaned or replaced.

Barriers to success

There are some jobs that are just not quick and easy to do.  They may require specialised equipment that could be expensive and difficult to store away when not in use.  As an example, many modern buildings have windows that are extremely high up and difficult to reach without specific equipment. Scaffolding and lifts may be required, as well as safety harnesses.

In addition, regardless of whether the cleaning department consists of 1 staff member or 10, it takes time, money, and other resources to set up, manage, maintain, and motivate.

If you weigh up the time and investment resources required in managing your own cleaning team, you might find that contracting your cleaning services can be a far more efficient way of managing this aspect of your business.

In-house or Contracted Cleaning Services?

While there are some positive reasons for having your own in-house team, there are also a host of issues that cause unnecessary complications, such as:

  • Leave and sick leave, particularly maternity leave
  • Labour disputes/strike action
  • Salary/wage issues
  • Taxes, social security, workman’s compensation, and liability insurance
  • Hiring and firing
  • Capital outlay for cleaning equipment and products
  • Repairs and Maintenance of equipment

With contracted cleaning services, you immediately do away with the above issues. In addition, you get:

  • Qualified and experienced teams
  • All aspects of your office cleaning requirements taken care of
  • All equipment is provided, and you do not have to worry about purchasing or storing any of the required tools for the job
  • A single point of communication and accountability which saves you both time and money
  • Scalability – explained below

About Scalability

As your company grows, you might find that you require additional items such as washroom products and consumables.  If you’ve contracted your business’s cleaning services to the right company, they will be able to supply you with these items so that you don’t need to give it a second thought.  At FSG, we offer rentals or outright purchase hygiene solutions, making it even easier for you.

There may be times when you need just that little bit extra manpower and or equipment for certain ad-hoc tasks to maintain a clean workplace.  Examples include moving premises, carpet & upholstery cleaning, deep cleaning (including disinfecting) and pest control including fogging and fumigation.  You don’t want to leave these tasks to the inexperienced.  By the same token you don’t want skilled, professionals on your payroll for ad-hoc work.  Leave it to your cleaning services company who not only have the skills, experience, and equipment to manage these tasks, but will also identify problem areas before they become problematic.

Still not convinced?

We’d love to discuss your office cleaning challenges and see how we can assist you to come up with the most practical, affordable solution.  We’ve been cleaning workplaces for over 20 years and are passionate about offering a wide variety of commercial cleaning & hygiene services.

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