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Garden maintenance services giving you a headache?

Companies invest large amounts of money ensuring their workplaces are aesthetically pleasing offices and sometimes factor in office acoustics, but very few organisations factor in the negative effects of noisy garden maintenance services.

Effects of noise on office productivity

Numerous studies have been carried out over the years to measure the effects of noise in the workplace. Considering the number of hours spent at work, nearly a third of our lives, it is clearly important that the environment in which we work is comfortably geared towards productivity. Some individuals claim to be more productive when listening to music of their choice. While the right amount of noise might provide some benefits to certain kinds of work challenges under the right circumstances, prolonged exposure to moderate noise levels can lead to hearing damage and loss over time. Individuals can make use of personal earphones/headsets to listen to background music, if they choose to do so. When it comes to obstructive noise however, there is simply no way to focus. A study at the University of Berkeley analysed acoustic satisfaction in office environments. Researchers found 40 percent of respondents indicated noise interferes with their ability to complete their work. A further 64 percent were dissatisfied by their colleagues’ phone conversations, and 76 percent found overhearing private conversations distracting. I know that I personally dread Mondays not for the reasons you may think, but because that’s the day that the lawn gets mowed, even my poor Labrador hides under my desk shaking in fear of the dreaded lawn mower. And as luck would have it that’s usually when the phone rings – up goes the blood pressure!

Solutions to combatting noise in the workplace

Excessive noise can mean more than just mild irritations, it can harm productivity, well- being, happiness, and even our physical health. There are many measures that organisations can take in order to ensure noise levels are kept to a minimum but often these measures are costly and many of the intermittent noise factors are overlooked. Just some options include:
  • Incorporate dedicated quiet spaces
  • Masking sound by increasing background noise
  • Use of sound absorbing materials
  • Use of noise cancelling headphones
  • Double glazing windowsNot all external noise sources can be controlled, but it’s worth looking into those that can.At FSG we have your commercial property covered all year round, our garden maintenance services offer noise-free solutions to keep productivity up while maintaining a harmonious work environment.Contact us today to see how we can contribute to your harmonious office space.

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