Benefits of off-site monitoring

Off-site Monitoring
What are the benefits of off-site monitoring? An ongoing debate within the security industry is the topic of reliability between remote monitoring and on-site monitoring. In truth, off-site monitoring is just one way to protect your property and can deter criminal activity before it even happens. Conventional methods of booms, guards, high walls and controlling key access points have long been seen as the norm, but is this really the most secure and cost-effective method? Off-site monitoring enables an active full-view over the entire property and specific movement management that can be customized by user requirements. The outlay of capital is also not as tremendous as one might think, but the biggest saving is in the operation cost – where conventional guarding solution takes a big toll on month-month operational expenses the operational expenses for off-site monitoring is comparatively significantly less saving you tremendously in the long run without compromising on security comfort. Furthermore, there is always the risk of a mistake being made by security guards on-site, which can sometimes be costly. By removing or mitigating the conventional with the added solution of monitoring from a control room, there is less of a risk for mistakes to be made by those on-site. Sometimes, having security guards on-site also boasts a negative impact. While they can invoke a sense of security in clients, or deter any risk of crime, these security staff can also do the opposite, by either intimidating people or participating in the crime themselves, bringing trust into play. Now, we’re not saying that remote monitoring will prevent this, but it will at the very least deter any sort of mistrust or wrongdoing from anyone. But what makes off-site monitoring special? Well, it allows for quicker reaction time because having these systems in place can bring along the extra benefit or rules to trigger. Alarms, for example. Flashing lights, or sounds when movement is detected from the camera, even speakers that can allow those from the safety of the control room to address any suspecting criminals before they even commit the crime. It can alert any security on-site to spring into action should the need arise, so, it’s faster, it makes us react faster so that we can help you. Other advantages include an increase in productivity. In an office space, no one wants to be caught fooling around when they should be working, so having a few cameras around can really put your employees to work. There’s also the topic of evidence. We often run into the issue of people have zero evidence of the crime committed, which is a serious issue. The use of cameras and a logging system allows you to pull security footage from a database at any time, proving that any suspect was caught red-handed. Plus, let’s face it, one or two cameras or even a whole package does wonders in boosting morale. The need to feel secure is always there, without the constant big scary security guard looming over your shoulder. It’s a win-win. In short, off-site monitoring is an optimal and necessary security solution to suit the needs of the premises, with the reduction of costs and leaves little room for human error. If you are interested in our off-site monitoring solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. (Subject to a site survey.)


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