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Everyone loves the end of year shutdown. It gives us a reason to take a break, unwind, and go on an adventure. And by the end of the year, a break is usually much needed! But what happens to the office when everyone clears out for the holidays? Is it secure when no one’s there to keep an eye on things? Criminals today are clever, and look for signs that a property is vulnerable so they can make their move. But don’t worry, all is not lost! There are security measures you can implement to keep your business safe while you’re away from work.

5 holiday security measures to keep your business safe

During the festive season, we generally see a spike in crime. This largely affects businesses that are vacant for a significant period of time. So to ensure yours is safe over the holidays, we recommend that you implement the following security measures:

1. Review your security policy with employees

Before employees go on leave, make sure they understand the company security procedures and protocols. If employees need to lock away office valuables over the holiday period, let them know. And be sure to inform them of any rules if they are using the office space for holiday functions. If certain employees are planning to work over the holiday, inform them of the company cybersecurity policies to protect company data.

2. Make sure your office security equipment is working

Whatever security measures you have put in place to keep your office safe, make sure they are functional. Test your alarm and make sure your locks and access control systems are working. And don’t forget your security cameras – activate them if they are off and make sure they are facing vulnerable areas. Also, ensure there are no holiday decorations obstructing their view. 

3. Inform your alarm company of holiday hours

It’s important to alert the alarm company of your business’ holiday hours and shutdown period so they can heighten security watches at these times. And be sure to review your emergency call list – if the alarm sounds, the company needs to know who to contact.

4. Be cautious doing business with public WIFI

Using public WIFI services can leave your business’ data vulnerable. If employees will be working remotely during the holiday period, protect sensitive data with a Virtual Protected Network (VPN). Employees will be able to access the necessary resources from the network without having to physically connect to it.

5. Lock up 

This seems like an obvious suggestion, but it’s still a very important one. Make sure all the office entrances and windows are secure – you also might want to lock offices housing sensitive data. And remember to review your access control system. Employees who are working over the holiday will still need access, and the rest should be temporarily removed from the system as an extra security measure.

Is your business secure for the holidays?

If your business needs new security measures installed before the holiday shutdown period, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re experts in high-tech security equipment, from electric fencing and intercoms to CCTV systems and alarms. Contact FSG today.


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