Save water and maintain a thriving business

Water is a precious resource, so we have a duty to conserve it where possible. And not just at home, but in the office too. Is your business efficient when it comes to its water usage? There are plenty of ways you can save water at work without affecting the success of your business. And creating a water-wise office space is a good place to start. 

5 steps to save water at work

1. Save water with building installations

If your business is aiming to conserve water, water-wise building installations are a great way to boost your efforts. Installing water-efficient fixtures specifically designed to consume less water and energy can drastically reduce your company’s water usage. Restroom Auto Flush units are particularly effective in this regard, and offer the added benefit of increased hygiene in your ablution facilities.

2. Save water with water-wise cleaning methods

Outsourcing your cleaning to a professional service provider, like FSG, can be an effective way to ensure minimal water usage in the cleaning process. Our corporate cleaning division has water conservation foremost in its methodology. We use microfiber mops with on-board reservoirs, featuring user-controlled release systems. These mean more efficient cleaning, with just 750ml of water in the on-board reservoir, cleaning up to 80 square meters. We also incorporate dry sweeping and “spot mopping” cleaning methods instead of the traditional mop and bucket. Our water-efficient cleaning methodology, paired with the controlled use of chemicals through proper dilution ratios, guarantees your business a hygienic and water-wise approach to cleaning. Read more about our corporate cleaning division.  

3. Save water in the landscaping process


If your office property uses an irrigation system to water its landscape, make sure it’s set up properly and maintained consistently. Be wise with your irrigation system’s water usage by only watering areas that need it. Some plants don’t need regular watering, like succulents and cactuses. Also be sure to check that the sprinklers are facing plants, and not pathways.

Landscaping principles

You can save a lot of water in the long run by designing your landscape using water-wise principles. So make sure your landscaper uses indigenous plants that require little water. You can also request a ‘hydrozone’ landscape design, so plants get arranged according to their watering requirements. This will help you manage the watering process more efficiently, ensuring ‘thirsty’ plants don’t get under-watered and drought-resistant plants don’t get over-watered. Other landscaping practices like adding mulch can also aid in water conservation, as the mulch layer prevents evaporation. 

FSG offers expert irrigation and landscaping solutions for water-wise businesses. Learn more about our professional landscaping service

4. Create a water-wise company culture

The best way to save water at work is to get staff buy-in. If employees understand the importance of saving water and are actively encouraged to play their part, your business is sure to save a lot more water than ever before. You can even up the anties by creating competitions with the promise of a reward – but sometimes just acknowledging the winner is incentive enough. You can also get employees involved in water-wise practices by asking them if they have any ideas for how the office can save water. The more interest you create, and the more acknowledgement you give, the more involvement you will elicit. 

5. Do regular check-ups

It’s important to do maintenance checks around the office to ensure everything is working as it should. Tap fittings should allow running water to flow freely, and should be set to turn on or off with ease. If the water takes a long time to heat up, causing the tap to run for a lengthy period of time, consider installing a small water heater near the point of use. Toilet cisterns should also be working properly. And it’s important to check for leaks, though this can be a difficult process. An efficient way to go about this is to check your water metre before locking up at night, and then again first thing in the morning. 

Is your business doing enough to save water? 

If your company has yet to jump on board the water-saving wagon, it’s not too late to make a change. We can help your business achieve its goal to save water with our commercial cleaning service and expert landscaping solutions. Interested? Get in touch with us today.


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