5 reasons to invest in an access control system

Wanting to up your office security, but not sure where to begin? An electronic access control system would be a good place to start. You’ll be able to control who comes in and out of your premises – a valuable security measure in the prevention of crime. Keen to invest in one of these systems for your business? If you need more convincing before making the decision, take a look at these five benefits of access control.

Benefits of access control

1. Seamless installation and integration

Access control systems are pretty easy to set up, but we’ll take care of that for you so the process is completely hassle-free. With these security systems, you can customise authorised access to suit the specific security needs of your business. And swiping a card or entering a pin code at entrances is easy for employees to adjust to. Another benefit of access control is that you can track employee attendance by monitoring their movements in an out of the office. We’re talking accurate time entry records, automatically, all the time-efficient, right? 

2. Security at multiple access points

Criminals tend to look for low-risk opportunities that yield them a high reward. So in general, they won’t be willing to jump through hoops to steal something from your business. An access control system sets you up with just that – a deterrent. If access is restricted, there is less temptation. And not only will this prevent unwanted visitors from getting in, but from getting out too. Criminals will think twice about breaking into your business if they aren’t guaranteed a quick getaway. 

3. Reduces employee theft

Many employees work in isolation, far removed from the watchful eye of authority figures. Sometimes employees steal from their workplace, simply because they can. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Electronic access control allows you to monitor who is accessing which rooms, and when. And in the case of a security breach, you can quickly change the access levels.  

4. Protects company data

Not only are businesses under physical threat, but digital threat too. With a security control system, you can protect sensitive company data by restricting access to server rooms. Additionally, you can set up workstations so that access credentials are requested before log in to protect employee and client data. 

5. Simplifies employee turnover

Monitoring and distributing office keys, and getting new ones cut every time locks get changed is a tedious process. Not to mention inefficient, no matter how reliable your staff is. These systems allow you to automatically update identification information and refresh pin codes – so easy access authorisation and management.

Want to install an access control system?

If you’re interested in upgrading your security with an access control system, get in touch with us for a free risk assessment. Once we’ve identified the vulnerabilities of your premises, we’ll recommend security services and equipment to suit the specific needs of your business. This may involve one or a number of different security measures, like setting up an access control system, CCTV cameras, electric fencing and more – all available for installation through FSG, a Facility Services Group.


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