Breathe cleaner air with indoor plants

Let’s explore how you can breathe cleaner air with indoor plants.  

You’re sitting in the office, sipping a cup of coffee, and notice that you’re feeling a bit off. A bit sluggish. In fact, you’ve been feeling this way for a while. But why? You get enough sleep, go to the gym and take your vitamins – especially the most important one, Vitamin C (for Caffeine!). So why are you feeling run down? There are many possible reasons, but one of the more likely is little known and quite surprising – indoor air pollution!

So now you’re wondering how to fix this problem. Can something be done to counteract indoor air pollution? The answer is yes. And the solution, simple and beautiful. It’s indoor plants. 

Feeling Under The Weather?

It’s been proven that indoor air quality is generally much poorer than that of the outdoors. Not only are VOCs generally more concentrated indoors, but CO2 levels are much higher, especially when there are many people inhabiting a space. Now add poor building ventilation, and you’ve really got a problem! Some people report that they experience headaches, nausea and fatigue indoors – a condition that has come to be known as “Sick Building Syndrome”. It’s important for companies to keep this in mind, as productivity and employee health go hand in hand.Cleaner Air with Indoor Plants

Bring The Outdoors Inside

So you’re experiencing symptoms of “Sick Building Syndrome”, but what can you do about it? You don’t need to change your workplace. And you certainly don’t need to spend all of your time outside! All you need to do is add a decent amount of indoor plants to your space. The more the better. Here’s why:

  • Indoor plants improve wellbeing

Certain types of indoor plants have been proven to reduce levels of CO2 and increase relative humidity. Less CO2 means less stale air, and because plants release O2, more fresh air. The humidifying effect of indoor plants prevents eye, nose and throat irritation, and even has a positive effect on the general health of the lungs. And not only are there physical benefits of indoor plants, but emotional ones too. Employees tend to feel more positive and happy when there are a few plants in their office environment, and suffer less from stress. So if you’re feeling run down at work, refresh your workspace with life-giving plant energy! 

  • Your natural air purifiers

There are many gorgeous plant varieties to choose from for purifying (and beautifying) your indoor space. Bamboo Palms, Aloe Vera and Mother-in-law’s Tongue make great indoor plants as they absorb toxins and harmful particles, giving you cleaner and fresher air. And for increased humidity, English Ivy and Peace Lilies are good options as they release water through their stems and leaves, which evaporates into the air.

Research suggests that “The amount of leaf surface area influences the rate of air purification,” says Bill Wolverton, a former NASA research scientist who conducted a 1989 study about plants.

Greener and Cleaner With Indoor Plants

Under the whip and weather at work? Then freshen up your workspace to breathe cleaner air with indoor plants. Trust us, you’ll be feeling better in no time. If you need a helping hand in the office plant department, leave it to the experts.

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