Protect your business with a proper security plan

Whether a large corporate or small startup, the security of your business should always be a priority. Not only are buildings vulnerable to break-ins, but cyber attacks are also on the rise, threatening company data and confidential information. It is important to have a preventative security plan in place, regardless of your business size, to safeguard against criminal activity. 

Improve your security plan:

Does your business have a secure property? And is it prepared for cyber attacks? If you want a security boost, we recommend that you do the following:

1. Regulate access

  • Invest in an electronic or biometric access control system. This will electronically store records of who accesses certain areas within your business. This also allows for access to be restricted or for sensitive areas to be better controlled.
  • In the absence of an access control system, give keys to as few employees as possible and keep records of who has keys.
  • Give out even fewer keys for rooms and areas storing sensitive information or high value items. Even stricter control should be exercised in keeping these records.
  • Implement a key register system to track the usage of keys.
  • Ensure employees return keys should they leave the company.
  • Should keys go missing, it is always advisable to change the locks.

2. Check building

  • The last person leaving the building should do a sweep to check for any suspicious or abnormal activities, parcels or people. It is not uncommon for people to be locked in a premises and then to break out as opposed to breaking in from the outside. This way by the time the alarm triggers, the person had left and not entered.

3. Upgrade windows, doors and locks

  • Invest in reinforced steel or wood doors.
  • Add high-security, commercial-grade locks to all entrances, exits and internal doors that lead to restricted areas.
  • Put locks on all windows, and lock them when they are not in use.

4. Dispose of sensitive documents when they are no longer needed

  • Shred confidential and sensitive papers before throwing them out.

5. Prioritise cybersecurity

  • Secure your Wifi network and monitor its traffic to prevent an intruder breach.
  • Ensure your employees have strong passwords on their devices and accounts.
  • Keep all company devices up to date with the latest software upgrades.
  • Install an effective and up to date antivirus software on all company devices.
  • Lock up company desktops/laptops at night, or request that employees take them home at the end of the day.
  • Use encryption codes when sending and storing sensitive data.
  • Limit employee admin access and delete old user accounts when employees have left the company. 
  • Create data storage protocols and make sure your employees are aware of them.
  • Backup company data on a timely basis to prevent potential loss of important information.

6. Develop a response plan

  • Have a response plan in place in case of a security breach, and properly train your employees on the protocols.
security plan

What is your security plan?

It’s sensible to make your work environment as secure as possible. Having a security plan in place, like locking doors at the end of the day and keeping antivirus software up to date, can make a big difference. It is sometimes necessary to install advanced security systems and hire guards to protect your property.

FSG offers a wide range of professional commercial security services and high-tech equipment, including electric fencing, intercom systems, access control systems, gate and garage automation, off-site monitoring and linked armed response, and CCTV. Find out more about our commercial security services.

If you are looking to improve your company’s security systems, contact FSG for a free evaluation. Once we have identified the weak points, we can suggest security services and equipment that will suit the needs of your specific property. 


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