Commercial Outdoor Entertainment Area

commercial outdoor entertainment area

A commercial outdoor entertainment area creates a vibrant and dynamic place where excitement and relaxation can blend seamlessly under the open sky. An outdoor entertainment area is the perfect setting for creating memorable moments that foster collaboration.

It also provides a much-needed sanctuary during working hours for staff to enjoy a space to clear the mind.

An Area That Increases Relaxation (by seducing the brain)

We’ve mentioned kerb (or curb) appeal a few times on our blog page. Kerb appeal is the term given to the visual impression you give passersby and visitors. It’s the first impression, the eye contact before a handshake.

Visual appeal is important, a look at the brain proves it and a commercial outdoor entertainment area enhances it.

When outdoors (or in nature), your brain immediately switches gears, as the back cortex signals the frontal cortex that it’s time to relax. It does this with endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, which makes it feel like a “mild ecstasy”. 

There are ways to increase this sensation. Combine the comforts of indoor living with the calming effects of nature to pack a powerful punch to your work day. A commercial outdoor entertainment area, on a weekday, serves to entertain staff and visitors. 

To achieve a balance between nature and comforts, incorporate plants into the design. Pot plants are versatile and enhance the brain chemistry we call ‘relaxation’. Pillars with a few creepers and vines offer an Italian vintage villa appeal. Neat and trimmed topiaries provide a modern and upmarket sensation – it’s all about the style that works for you.

outdoor entertainment area for your business.

Networking At Its Best

There’s no joy like sharing a few cold ones with work colleagues. 

For this to work, it’s important to have a spacious area that everyone feels comfortable in, and, that can handle a little mess without feeling cluttered. The area needs to facilitate smokers, provide comfortable seating, offer easy access to refrigerated beverages and ice, and there should be ample space for food preparation and enjoyment. An area that is predominantly free of breakables may go a long way too.

Picture natural looking concrete slabs as countertops and matching paving. A clean and uncluttered surface with an open plan design makes it easy to prepare food while entertaining staff and potentially customers. A fire pit and braai facility will keep the conversation crackling happily.

ROI From Your Entertainment Area

Unlock the full potential of your commercial property with a lucrative investment in an outdoor entertainment area. Imagine the allure of enhancing your space with features that elevate its aesthetic appeal and significantly boost its market value. 

More than just an aesthetic upgrade, an outdoor entertainment area is a strategic investment accelerating your property’s value, making it a more attractive proposition for potential buyers or renters. Think of it as investing in a future of more accessible, more profitable property deals.

Your Outdoor Specialists

At FSG, we specialise in transforming outdoor spaces into enchanting, multifunctional areas. Our expertise in hardscaping, from intricate paths and walls to serene water features and ponds, is unmatched. We also offer professional paving and decking, comprehensive landscaping, regular commercial garden maintenance, and the creation of captivating water features.

Our commitment at FSG is to ensure that every Rand you invest enhances the beauty of your property and maximises your return on investment. 

Contact us today for a quote and take the first step towards a profitable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor entertainment area for your business.


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