Landscaping transformation at Brightwater Commons

Managing a property, running premises, and getting your ducks in a row takes a special kind of skill. You’re a successful juggler, keeping everything moving as it should, never dropping the ball. It’s tough, but you’re holding on. Then you get miracle workers. Those who arrive on the scene and take over the juggling act for you. Like magic, everything starts flowing and you find yourself breathing. You’re no longer pushed for time, pushed for resources, or pushed for sanity. Are you looking for a miracle worker? We swoop in and grab a hold of the landscaping, the security, the hygiene, or whichever other services you’re needing to be done, and we get it done. Perfectly.

A Landscaping transformation at Brightwater Commons

Brightwater Commons, soon to be known as Ferndale Mall, is known for its spectacular water displays and lush flowing greenery. We’re collaborating with other contractors, as the plan for the landscaping was drawn up by a landscaping architect.

We’re installing over 2 KMs of 50 MM irrigation mainline. This gives you an idea of the scope of what we’re doing. We’re adding new indigenous plants, transplanting larger old plants (this is no mean feat) and adding a modern and vibrant look to an old venue.

We’re bringing in big numbers

We’re bringing 2500m3 Insitu topsoil. The idea is that we need flowing lines which wrap around the venue elegantly. We’re going for smaller, dainty plants with different textures and appeals, like dietes bicolour, crocosmia aurea, kniphofia praecox, freylinia tropica and lots more. We’ll be keeping the gardens in great condition with an ongoing maintenance plan, and we’ll also be adding zeolite to the topsoil. This will help to retain moisture, keeping the garden flourishing throughout drought conditions.

The highlight?

Each season will see flowers blooming in a different shade, giving you a unique colour scheme four times a year. We’re also transplanting a gigantic Celtis Africana. That takes a very particular skill. We’re also adding Corobric paving in a burgundy colour, with face bricks to match the trees.

It all sounds very wonderful, and believe us, it will be. Here’s the reason we’re miracle workers. We’re pulling this magic out of a hat with a teeny tiny time frame. The deadline is July / August (we’re aiming for July) which means we’re pretty much working around the clock. We’re implementing industry best practices and we look forward to seeing the general public enjoy the new and improved mall.


How to grow yourself a fortune, starting with your premises

You know the headaches that come with renovating, upgrading, or changing a property. All growth can be a little painful, but it need never be frustrating. Nor should you ever sit with drab and dull premises. Work alongside a company that will jump to it with a happy spring in their steps. Like us, we’re thrilled to wake up each day and work with the ground.

A great contractor is always:

  • On-time
  • Delivers exceptional work, no matter what
  • Has his own tools and implements
  • Adheres to deadlines
  • Keeps you updated on progress
  • Greets with a happy handshake and
  • Is always accommodating and pleasant to work with

You need the work to be manned by professionals. We’re friendly and easy-going, but boy do we put muscle into it. We bet we can make you smile. Give us a call because we’ll give you a free quote.


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