Waste Management Service to Reduce Your Waste

Companies are looking for new, more eco-friendly ways of dealing with waste, which is where FSG’s waste management services can come in handy. 

The accumulation of waste is a global problem and, if not addressed, will eventually lead to our world overflowing with waste products. The good thing is that every business can become more environmentally friendly, and FSG can help companies implement recycling practices. By adjusting your business decisions and habits regarding recycling, you can help protect the environment and sustain its resources for future generations.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The ultimate aim of recycling is to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills, helping to combat pollution. Waste can be managed in several ways, such as sending plastic to plants to be re-made and reused or collecting food waste from restaurants and turning it into compost. 

Everyone has heard of and knows what recycling is, yet many companies still need to recycle because it seems too inconvenient to keep up the routine. While individuals may use recycling practices at home, these actions only sometimes extend to the office environment. With FSG, commercial clients can successfully implement recycling programmes and ensure legal compliance with the Waste Act.

Recycling Management Services

FSG offers an onsite waste management programme to commercial and industrial businesses and offices tailored to your company’s individual needs. The waste management programme provides a streamlined solution to accumulating recyclable waste products with a single point of contact, ensuring the maximum possible disposal to reduce waste in landfills. The programme analyses your business waste flow and offers everything from simple office paper collection to onsite sorting by trained staff.


Overcome The Challenges of Recycling

It is often overlooked in the workplace as it is time-consuming to sort and cannot be dumped with regular trash. This makes recycling less appealing to businesses, as no one has the time to sort through the different recyclables or the inclination to deal with the multiple companies needed to remove different types of waste.

Benefits of a Waste Management Service with FSG

The use of a recycling programme can be beneficial to both the environment and your business. Using the services offered by FSG will ensure your company is legally compliant with the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008. The programme helps reduce recycling costs as it is all managed through one point of contact, eliminating the need to hire and pay for multiple collection services. FSG provides a waste management service with  trained staff for onsite sorting and collection, meaning there is less to be done by your employees, allowing them to be more productive with their work. 

With FSG, you can put a long-term recycle management programme into place, ensuring your business reduces its carbon footprint, becomes greener, and helps contribute to a sustainable future. Contact FSG, a Facility Services Group, to set up your business with a tailored waste management solution.



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