Low garden maintenance, high impact kerb appeal

Low garden maintenance, with great kerb appeal is a game-changer for those who own an investment property, a corporate building, or if you simply wish to implement better maintenance techniques into your business complex. Following these simple tricks can minimise your time spent invested in garden upkeep while maximising the effects of great maintenance. As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder.

Low garden maintenance made easy

Presenting the world with a neat and trimmed property is no longer enough in the modern day where beauty is really a reflection of your attention to detail. Creating a positive first impression of your business starts with making the premises as presentable as possible. While you want to ensure that your business puts its good foot forward to all your visitors, piloting a garden and maintaining it is a business all on its own. Here are some simple ideas on starting a garden that will last with minimal input from you:

Planting for kerb appeal

Design a garden that can contain numerous indigenous species, not just to the country, but to your region. That way, you know it will survive the cold, the dry, the hot and the wet equally because it is native to those weather conditions. Fast growing plants are a great option, along with decorative grasses, which are tough and require minimal water. They are also extremely presentable when planted strategically to set-off their assets. Decorative grasses often flower and make lovely plumes too, a special added surprise later on.

Populating your garden densely with many plant varieties will help in a number of ways to keep your maintenance requirements to a minimum. More plant covering a smaller area will help to shade the soil and serve as a windbreak while preventing weeds from finding a place to root and grow easily. There will be far less evaporation and your water retention in the soil will be much better if the soil is covered. Do be sure to get the balance right, because too many plants placed too closely together can cause their root systems to have to compete for soil and nutrients. Also ensure that smaller plants will flourish in the shade, while the taller plants will be happy to be in the sun casting their shadows downwards.


Props and plants

Incorporating props into the garden include using garden benches, statues, decorative concrete blocks and stepping stones, water features and pebbled pathways will give you aesthetic elements that require no water, weeding, TLC and… won’t die. Building a rockery is also a great way to incorporate natural elements into a beautiful design and if you are clever about sourcing your rocks, it can be done with a healthy respect for your budget. Use shapes and designs to make paving stones pretty and add in a few pot plants for a striking visual appeal.

Automated Irrigation Systems

Invest in innovative irrigation technology to efficiently manage water usage. Automated systems can be programmed to deliver the precise amount of water at optimal times, preventing both under and overwatering. This not only conserves water but also reduces the need for constant monitoring, making it an ideal solution for busy commercial spaces.

Hide the hideous

If your commercial property is surrounded by others that may be ruining your kerb appeal, or if you have an unsightly wall or boundary, simply redecorate and make it part of your appeal. Vines are a lovely, efficient and affordable way to create green and luscious look while hiding the unsightly. Granadilla vines are quite tough once they are established, and if you plant them on a fence they can further add to your wind shelter efforts. They also bloom to present a stunning exotic flower, which of course turns into the edible and delectable passion fruit.

Mulching Magic

Applying a layer of mulch around plants not only retains moisture but also suppresses weed growth. This simple yet effective technique significantly reduces the need for weeding, allowing your garden to maintain a clean and polished appearance effortlessly.

Hardscaping Elements for Low Garden Maintenance

Integrate hardscaping elements such as gravel pathways, decorative rocks, or pavers to minimize the amount of green space that requires maintenance. These features add aesthetic value and reduce the overall demand for upkeep, providing a practical solution for commercial buildings with limited time for gardening tasks.

Professional Maintenance Services

Consider outsourcing your garden maintenance to professional landscaping services specializing in low-maintenance designs. These experts can create and maintain a beautiful landscape tailored to your preferences, ensuring that your commercial property remains an inviting and attractive space with minimal involvement. Contact FSG for a free consultation and quote.

By embracing these practical strategies, you can cultivate an outdoor space around your commercial building that exudes beauty and sophistication while requiring minimal maintenance. A well-designed, low-maintenance garden not only enhances the kerb appeal of your property but also frees up time and resources for other essential aspects of managing a commercial space. Invest in a landscape that works for you, effortlessly combining aesthetics with practicality in the dynamic world of commercial real estate. 



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