A world heritage site: Maropeng project begins

Maropeng, a world heritage site located at the Cradle of Humankind attracts visitors from across the world, especially individuals who find human history fascinating. This area has been called the womb of life, because it has yielded some of the earliest human fossils, including that of the first adult Australopithecus. The area offers a diverse number of tourist activities, and the rich natural landscape is largely left untouched, making it a highly sought after destination to take in the natural, warm beauty of Africa.

What is happening at Maropeng?

FSG has been awarded the opportunity to do a tender based project at Maropeng, which will uplift and complement the existing natural landscape. We will be creating an area for visitors to enjoy while accentuating the fact that it as a world heritage site with stone statues. The vision includes a granite ring at the centre to serve as seating, with indigenous trees planted around the area for shade. It will all be furnished with benches, dustbins, drinking fountains and exposed artevia concrete will give simple and functional walkways, making this spot ideal for picnics and weddings. world heritage site

Cradling the environment while making a world heritage site

A strict procedure was to be followed before the project was able to commence. An ecologist visited and evaluated the area, and we were required to hand in health and safety files before we were even allowed on site, as well as being required to take part in an induction course. The course involved a briefing on the rules and regulations of the area to which we have to adhere very strictly, respecting the fact that the area is a world heritage site. We were warned about the local snake species and had to fence off the area in which we will be working, to minimise the environmental impact our work may have on the natural wildlife. We were then required to remove all of the indigenous plant species and keep them safe because they must be replanted once the project is completed. world heritage site

A rocky start to a smooth going

The incredibly rocky terrain of the area made it challenging to create the elevations we required for this project, but hard work and perseverance pay off, and as always, FSG succeeded! We conquered this incredibly stubborn landscape by harnessing the power of seven men as well as a TLB, Bobcat, numerous tipper trucks and a Bo-Mag on site. We managed to do all of this while we still maintained the utmost respect for the natural environment. Ensuring that the natural ecosystem does not suffer at our hands in any way, an environmentalist visits us bi-monthly to ensure that everything we do is according to the guidelines we are given, and no permanent harm or damage will come to the natural area.

Natural beauty: loving the environment as it is

FSG is incredibly excited to be taking on this project, which will bring value not only to the tourist industry of the area but to the locals too. The vision for this project is to create an appealing area that still has all of its own natural beauty. It will be versatile enough to serve as a family-friendly picnic area, and beautiful enough to use a wedding venue, and say your “I Do’s ”. We will be using the natural beauty the landscape has given to us and creating a comfortable and beautiful area.


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