With summer still in full swing, having a sheltered, private garden to retreat to after a long day is more important than ever. For those living in urban areas, busy suburbs or residential complexes, privacy is not always a given, however. The good news is that with a few carefully chosen plants, a few landscaping changes and a bit of patience, you can create your very own oasis of calm that is sheltered, private and ideal for relaxation. Privacy landscaping is becoming a big trend all over the world, especially as many homeowners do not have the luxury of large plots that are set far away from neighbouring properties. As cities and suburbs give rise to smaller properties and a greater demand for space, it is becoming harder for many homeowners to retain a sense of seclusion. Many innovative features can help to make your outdoor space more private – living fences, traditional walls, strategically planted trees and outdoor screens are just a few ideas. Whether your garden is large, and you wish to section off a smaller part to use as a reading nook, or you have limited outdoor space and want to reduce noise, prevent trespassing, fence out wildlife, shelter your garden from view, create a windbreak and even reduce pollution, FSG brings you all the information you need to create your own secluded garden.

Landscaping Tips!
Private Landscaping Ideas from FSG

  1. Extend the garden wall. Add height and plenty of privacy to an entertainment area with a wooden extension.
  2. Potted bamboo screen. Bamboo plants make ideal screens as they grow fast and really tall. It’s best to contain bamboo in planters, place them close together to create charming plant wall wherever you need privacy.
  3. Effective sound barrier. Adding a water feature or fountain to your privacy plan can mask unwanted sounds with pleasant white noise.
  4. Plants and living screens. Good privacy plants include evergreen or indigenous plants that provide foliage through out the year – try Harpephyllum Caffrum, Prairie Fire Grass and Celtis Africana.
  5. Raised beds and potted plants. Planting in raised bed or built-in containers is a way to create height quickly – and medium-height potted plants offer privacy to smaller areas such as your balcony, porch or deck.
  6. Pergolas, arches and trellises. A simple pergola can block views from upper-story windows and a custom built arch or trellis can block out unwanted views.

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